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Is Lacrosse Expensive?


a_sportA new player would have to spend over $600 to play this game; and that doesn’t include footwear, a backup stick, team fees, travel, etc. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to afford all the equipment should really put this game in perspective. So, Is Lacrosse Expensive?

It cost $25 for a basketball or $30 for a baseball and glove, $20 for a soccer ball or $15 for a football. All of these sports involve little equipment and allow kids of all ages, abilities, race and gender to play for a very low cost. Basketball courts are always packed and soccer fields overflow with players while you never see pick-up lacrosse games…ever.

It’s really not hard to imagine why lacrosse hasn’t exploded onto the scene yet or expanded onto all college and high school campuses. It’s one of the most expensive sports a kid could pick up. God knows how much money I have spent on equipment and I have been playing since 3rd grade! This has to change in order for lacrosse to be a worldwide successful sport. We need the cost of all the equipment to at least be cut in half. I mean honestly, how can you charge $90 for a piece of plastic? Kids quit sports left and right and parents need an affordable way to have their kid pick up a stick.

Everyone is trying to cut back this past year in order to save money. Major corporations have pulled their sponsorship on MLL and NLL teams. Prices of everything have dropped from housing to food. Everything except the price to play the game you love (and the cost of gas of course) and that’s just unacceptable. There have been less people willing to participate in leagues and tournaments over the summer because the entry fees and travel expenses cannot be afforded. No doubt that this economy has affected the game during this year as well as its future as a professional sport.

BRIDGE_lacrosseIt’s a great thing to hear about organizations like US Lacrosse that have programs like BRIDGE Lacrosse (Building Relationships to Initiate Diversity, Growth and Enrichment), which,

“works collaboratively to introduce and expand the sport of lacrosse in nontraditional and under served communities to embody diversity of players, coaches, officials and supporters.”

Also, their Equipment Grant Program which awards first year programs with a full team’s worth of equipment. This is very exciting; however it’s just the very start. More organizations need to participate towards this cause and promote added benevolence.

We all talk about expanding and growing the game. But talk is cheap and lacrosse stuff is expense! We need action. We need companies that don’t charge a monthly mortgage payment to buy equipment or more developmental programs at the youth levels. We need to rethink the sport and lifestyle of Lacrosse.

What do you think is needed to make this game the World’s past time?


About the Author: As well as writing for LaxAllStars, Justin Otto is the President/Co-Owner Top Side Lacrosse, LLC. Justin is excited to be a part of one of the fastest growing lax sites in the US. A native New Yorker, Justin is always working to keep NY lax at the highest level. His blogs are informative and his training company is the best in Westchester.