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Ivy League Lacrosse: Conference Uniform Rankings

When we think about hottest looks and sharpest lacrosse uniforms over the past couple seasons, our minds don’t automatically jump to our friends in the Ivy League. The Ivy League is home to some of the best classic lacrosse looks along with some tasteful new introductions to the uniform game over the past several years.

In this article, I will break down the winners and the losers of lacrosse uniform design in the Ivy League and why you shouldn’t sleep on the Ivy when it comes to sharp looking uniforms.

Ivy League Lacrosse Conference Uniform Rankings

7. Harvard

By no means does Harvard have a bad look this season, they simply just lack a lot of the common design elements I look for in lacrosse today. I can once again respect their desire to stick with the simple yet iconic look they have gone with throughout history. However, I would have liked to see just a bit more creativity, especially when it comes to the uniforms and helmets.

The helmets in my mind are cool with the school crest but just look far too plain without any other design elements present. The jerseys are the same design we have seen for a while now with the exception of maybe a slightly different font choice. Of the two uniform choices this year, I feel a bit more drawn to the white and crimson lettering. The colored collars are a nice touch as well on this year’s offering from Nike.

Again, just a bit more creativity is what I’m looking for.

Ivy League Lacrosse

6. Brown

While I never thought I’d say I would l like a predominantly solid brown jersey, I can officially say my mind has been changed. While Brown has both white and brown jerseys, their design elements are similar enough to break them down as one uniform design. From the red accent lines to the oversized numbers in an awesome font in the front, these jerseys look pretty decent.

On top of these jerseys, Brown has also been rocking the latest and greatest from Cascade in a chrome look. A color blend I wouldn’t have expected but one that I can appreciate regardless. The red cages on the helmet also add just a bit of extra flare for creativity. Brown is another team I look forward to seeing their upcoming uniform and gear designs.

Ivy League Lacrosse

5. Cornell

In full disclosure I have never been a fan of the gear and uniform combos from Cornell in the past so this opinion may be a bit swayed in one direction. With that being said Cornell has surely stuck to their classic look this season with just a bit of modern flare likely due to the new uniform design for the year from Nike.

Coming in both red and white, the Cornell uniforms feature almost the exact same design with alternate colors. The red is my favorite of the two as it goes well with the white shorts. Design is limited on these jerseys as they only really feature the lettering and logo in an alternate color from the main jersey color.

Why are these where they are on my list? Simply because they execute the classic look very well. I am in no way in love with these uniforms but I can totally understand and respect the history and culture that has gone into this Ivy League lacrosse historic look. Not much to mention on the gear side as they are rocking very simple Nike designs from everything I can tell. 

Ivy League Lacrosse

4. Yale

Yale starts the theme of close ties on my uniform ranking list. Starting with Yale and onward, you will notice a lot of these teams stick with a classic look that can also lack creativity at times due to the desire to stick with a timeless appearance.

Yale being an Under Armour school is rocking the latest UA uniforms this season. So far, I have seen an all navy blue with white accents version and the opposite in an all white with navy accents version. While I do like this classic look and truly appreciate it, I would like to see a bit more creativity especially in the alternate uniforms.

Of the two uniform options, the navy blue version is my favorite look as it can be better matched with white shorts from what I’ve seen. These Under Armour uniforms also feature a different colored collar from the rest of the uniform that I’m not a huge fan of due to it’s somewhat strange layout.

All in all, Yale still holds strong with a classic and pretty timeless look that they are clearly going for. I can respect the desire to stick with a timeless look when coming from a program like Yale. Yale also gets extra points in my book over the rest of the list for rocking Gait gear and gloves. Love seeing Gait gloves back in the men’s game. 

Ivy League Lacrosse

3. Dartmouth

Dartmouth is bringing the heat this year in the Ivy league. I have always thought Dartmouth had a good look on the uniform side of things, but this year they stepped it up to a whole new level. Even though I have Dartmouth third on my rankings, they truly have one of the best looks out there this year in my opinion.

Their white sleeveless Nike uniforms may be my favorite look of theirs this year. The all white combo with white shorts and forest green lettering on the uniform just flows together so well. Even their helmets are attention grabbing this year with a green and black look that features a chrome green logo on the side. Their black alternate uniforms also impress with a design very similar to Princeton but in Dartmouth colors of course.

Nike did Dartmouth good this year with some awesome designs that stand out in the Ivy league.

Ivy League Lacrosse

2. Penn

Next on the list is the University of Pennsylvania. I’m sure I will get knocked by some readers for this pick but hear me out first.

Penn incorporates a similar Nike uniform design to the Princeton uniform but this time in red, white, and blue which is very hard to dislike. I have enjoyed Penn’s uniforms the past couple seasons and I think a lot of people tend to overlook them. Big fan of their navy uniforms with white and blue accent features along the sleeve and collar. A classic look with a bit of an updated feel from their past uniforms. Penn is also an STX school like Princeton therefore their gear is quite similar but again in an extra patriotic colorway.

Do yourself a favor and check out the team Instagram for their team gloves. Red fade with blue cuffs?! Too clean. Looking forward to seeing where Penn takes their uniform designs in the future. 

Ivy League Lacrosse

1. Princeton

The Princeton Tigers have always known how to rock orange and black the right way. This season is no exception. Their white Nike uniforms in my opinion are one of the cleanest looks in all of college lacrosse.

From the larger font choice on the front to the Princeton crest shining on the collar, you really can’t go wrong with this look. Lastly, the orange Nike swoosh on the shoulder is just too clean. I know it’s a mandatory design element but in the Princeton shade of orange it really pops along with the black and orange striped sleeves. Their alternate uniforms also get a strong rating in an all orange and all black version of the white uniforms described above.

Being an STX school Princeton also features all the latest and greatest STX gloves and gear. Extra big fan of their orange fade STX gloves. Very clean look. 

Ivy League Lacrosse