Jack Delaney, Indian University Wolf of the MCLA
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Wolf of the MCLA: Jack Delaney, Indiana University

Editor’s note: We’re back with another installment of our new series called Wolf of the MCLA! Thanks to the support of Wolf Athletics, we’re selecting, interviewing, and honoring impressive student-athletes who are competing in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association throughout the 2014-15 college lacrosse season. Each new member of the “Wolf Pack” will receive a Ghost shaft as an award for his accomplishments. We hope you enjoy!

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The newest Wolf of the MCLA to join The Pack is the lockdown defenseman in Indiana, Mr. Jack Delaney.

Jack Delaney, Indian University Wolf of the MCLA

Early on in his freshman season with the Hoosiers, Jack earned a reputation as the guy you shouldn’t dodge on. This Massachusetts-made long pole is a force to be reckoned with for three more seasons and he’s ready to make another run at taking the Hoosiers to Nationals.

Jack is known for being a beast on the field and a workhorse in the gym.

To us it was obvious why we had to invite him to join the Wolf Pack, so get to know our first addition from the GRLC, Jack Delaney.

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Jack Delaney – Wolf of the MCLA


Full Name: Jack Delaney
Number: #20
Position: Defense
Key Stats: 2nd Team GRLC,
College: Indiana University (MCLA Division I)
High School: Needham (MA)

LAS: When you aren’t playing lacrosse, what are your hobbies off of the field?

Delaney: When I am not on the lacrosse field I am either studying, working out or playing NHL15.

Do you play any other sports?

In high school I played a lot of football, but my main focus was mostly on lacrosse.

Favorite shoes in your collection?

My favorite shoes have to be my duck boots. I wear them everyday, everywhere and even to games.

What’s your idea of a perfect meal?

A perfect meal would be a burger. I could eat a hamburger everyday for the rest of my life.

What is your pre-game ritual (if any)?

My pre-game ritual would be to first grab an energy drink and then start practicing my ground balls while listening to music with my headphones on.

I’m a really superstitious person, so I make sure to do the same thing before every game.

What is one thing you wish the world would understand about the lacrosse community?

I would want the world to understand that lacrosse is a great game that contains elements of basketball, hockey, and football.

It’s not just a game played by “bros” and requires a lot more skill than people think.

Do you consider yourself a lone wolf, leader of the pack, or committed teammate?


I would consider myself a committed teammate because when playing the game you can’t look at yourself as someone who is more important than the person next to you.

You are only as good as your weakest link.

How many years have you been playing lacrosse and where did you find your start?

I started playing lacrosse when I moved from Chicago to Boston in the 7th grade.

Moving to Massachusetts, where lacrosse is very popular and played year round was definitely a draw for me to start learning the game.

What made you choose to go to play lacrosse in Bloomington, Indiana?

Growing up in the Midwest and having parents who went to Big Ten Schools put Indiana on my radar for colleges to attend.

I wanted go to a school where I could continue playing lacrosse at the MCLA level of competition. After visiting Bloomington it was an easy decision to make.

You’ve been referred to as a lockdown defender, how would you assess your playing style?

I like the attack man to make the first move, once he takes his first step that’s when I decide what check to throw or if I should instead hit them with my fists or body.

This year my goal is to get Indiana into the National tournament with a higher seed.

Last year we were the 16th seed and pretty rattled when going up against the best team in the country first round. This year I expect us to be ready and against an easier opponent.

How do you plan to help lead the Hoosiers in 2015 as a returning staple of the team’s defense?

I plan on helping us improve on the different defenses we ran last year as well as implementing new zones and rides to this years team.

The more defensive zones and rides we can throw at offenses will help us against the higher ranked teams we play in the 2015 season.

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Congratulations to Jack, and a special thanks to Coach Nelson and the Indiana University Hoosiers for nominating him as our latest Wolf of the MCLA!