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Jack Jasinski – Athlete Spotlight

Former Denver Outlaw and Ohio State Buckeye and current PLL hopeful Jack Jasinski is this week’s featured guest on the Going Offsides podcast.

Athlete Spotlight: Jack Jasinski

Why did you attend Ohio State?

Ohio State has a great history of sports and is definitely a big-time athletic school. I wanted that big school experience. Pair that with the culture they have in the locker room, and it was a no brainer.

How did you get started playing lacrosse?

I started playing because of my younger brother. He was playing in a fall league as a kid, and I went to go watch. I was playing baseball at the time and thought lacrosse looked like a ton of fun. I gave it a try the next spring and never looked back.

One of your fondest lacrosse memories?

I don’t think I could pick one, there’s been a ton. I would say the 2016-2017 season at Ohio State had a ton of great memories. We had such a close team that year and had a ton of success. It was awesome to get up every day and go play lacrosse with that team.

Coolest location you’ve ever played in a game?

Mile High Stadium or The Shoe before the spring football game.

Jack Jasinski Ohio State

One place you’d still love to watch a game.

Would love to catch a game in the Dome at ‘Cuse one day. I just think its an iconic place in lacrosse and haven’t been there.

Fun fact about yourself

I love to play golf.

How are you currently involved in lacrosse?

I coach for Resolute Lacrosse in Columbus, Ohio, while training for a shot at a PLL roster.

Piece of advice for young players?

Ask a ton of questions and watch a ton of lacrosse. Knowing where to be and what to do is half the battle.

Who was your lacrosse mentor and why?

I would say Coach Brad Ross had a huge influence on me when I got to OSU. I was really raw, and he worked with me a ton to help me perform at the next level. He’s a great guy, plus you know you can trust what he’s saying. That guy can shoot the lights out the ball.

Craziest thing Coach Meyers ever said to you?

“Would love to have you be a Buckeye, we have a spot for you here at Ohio State.”

It wasn’t crazy in a bad way, but it was crazy to get an offer from him in person. I certainly didn’t think that was going to happen, that just doesn’t happen to guys playing lacrosse from Alabama. I am still very grateful to him for taking a chance on me and giving me an opportunity. I wouldn’t change anything about my time at OSU.

Follow Jack Jasinski on Twitter and Instagram, and listen to his episode on the Going Offsides podcast this Friday!