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Jack Jasinski is this week's guest on the Going Offsides podcast. The former Buckeye talks about his experience at OSU, plus his pro future.
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Jack Jasinski Talks OSU + Pro Future on Going Offsides

Jack Jasinski isn’t your average professional lacrosse player. In this episode, we talk to Jack about his recruitment, Ohio State culture, and chasing his pro dreams.

Jack Jasinski – Going Offsides


Everything about Jasinski’s recruitment is out of a movie. He grew up in Alabama (not exactly a hot bed), he was 5-foot-7 (not exactly tall), and he was offered in-person at a prospect day (pretty rare for a top DI program). Despite everything that would seemingly work against him, he found himself playing at one of the premier lacrosse universities in the country and for one of the better coaches in the world.

Coach Myers

His reputation precedes him: he’s a hard ass, he’s tough on his guys, he’s intense. All of these things are true, and that’s exactly what Ohio State’s culture is built on. Jasinski noted that Coach Myers once took the locker room away from the team because they hadn’t earned the right to use it, a move that at many places would cause resentment. Not at OSU. This is the kind of place where the moment you forget what got you to this level, or take what you have for granted, Nick Myers will bring you back down to earth in heartbeat. It was apparent from our conversation that Jack wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, noting he wouldn’t change a thing about his experience playing at OSU.

PLL Hopes

Although it took some time to find his place, Jasinski had found his groove in the MLL playing for the Denver Outlaws. Then the news came that the PLL and MLL would merge, meaning Jack, along with hundreds of other players, would now have to compete harder than ever for a professional opportunity. Undeterred, Jack is training with hopes of cracking a PLL roster. Whether it comes through the Entry Draft or the player pool makes no difference to him.

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