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Jake Silberlicht, Israel Lacrosse - Going Offsides
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Jake Silberlicht, Israel Lacrosse – Going Offsides

Meet Jake Silberlicht, Director of Youth Development, U19/20 head coach, player for the men’s indoor and outdoor national teams and many other things for Israel Lacrosse. A native of Upstate New York, he competed collegiately at Hobart with his brother, Max, current Boston University assistant and Israel men’s national team coach. After his career at Hobart, Jake captained Israel’s men’s national team at the World Championships in 2018 and won a Gold Medal in the European Box Championships in 2017. His passion is developing youth lacrosse in Israel while broadening the exposure for the sport globally.

Going Offsides with Jake Silberlicht

Scoop on Israel Lacrosse

Israel Lacrosse, host to the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships, offers a unique opportunity for students to take a gap year and travel to the Middle East to learn about culture, history, and lacrosse. Participants will be housed in Ashkelon with their teammates in a “Team Clubhouse” near the Mediterranean Sea. The coastal city of Ashkelon is home to the Israel National Lacrosse Center. Gap-year participants will prepare on an NCAA regiment with daily lacrosse practice and bi-weekly strength/conditioning sessions. Players compete domestically in 20+ games over the 2020-2021 year with most regular matches in the Israel Lacrosse League.

Israel has Men’s and Women’s national teams along with U-20/19 teams and a men’s national box team. These teams compete as members of World Lacrosse.

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Join us this fall as we take a deep dive into international lacrosse and what lacrosse looks like in countries all over the world. Later this fall we will look at domestic box teams and educate ourselves about the opportunities that exist in the game.

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