Joe Tsai donates PPE to New York State
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Joe Tsai Donates PPE to New York

Editor’s note: Cristina Alesci and Shannon Liao from CNN Business report on the Tsai Foundation’s recent donation to the State of New York. Joe Tsai, co-founder of Alibaba, is an owner in the PLL and NLL.

Joe Tsai, the billionaire co-founder of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, and his wife Clara Wu Tsai, have donated 2.6 million masks, 170,000 goggles and 2000 ventilators to New York — the US epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

The supplies were split into two shipments. The first arrived on Thursday at Newark Liberty International Airport, while the second arrived on Saturday at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Clara Tsai told CNN:

We kept hearing cries for (personal protective equipment) from our community and wanted to help The state will allocate the second shipment but “it’s our intention to help the most underserved institutions.

She cited Jacobi Medical Center and Lincoln Medical Center in the Bronx, and Elmhurst Hospital in Queens as the institutions she and her husband thought might need the supplies the most.

Cuomo, during a Saturday briefing, said:

I want to thank Joe Tsai, and Clara Tsai, and Jack Ma from Alibaba. “This is a big deal and it’s going to make a significant difference for us.

Hospitals in New York and across the country have been scrambling to find enough ventilators, masks and other protective gear needed for healthcare workers to battle the virus, which has killed about 60,000 people worldwide.

The Tsais have considerable ties to the New York community.

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