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John "JP" Paul has been working to grow the game of lacrosse for years, so we asked him some questions about his time in the sport.
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John Paul – Game Grower Spotlight

John Paul, or JP as most people know him, is this week’s featured guest on the Going Offsides Podcast.

Game Grower Spotlight: John Paul

Why did you attend Michigan?

I transferred to Michigan as a junior. I started out at Albion College, but I wasn’t ready. I then worked for four years (while playing at Michigan, which you could do back then), took a few classes at Washtenaw CC, and finally finished my last two years at UM. 

How do you get started playing lacrosse?

I grew up with Coach DiGiovanni’s (legendary Michigan coach) sons. We tried to start a team at Ann Arbor Pioneer when I was there, but the school wouldn’t do it. I knew I wanted to play in college and made sure I had that opportunity. 

Coolest location you’ve ever taken in a game?

Perth, Australia. I coached a USA West team at the World Championships there in 2002. We won the International Open Division, and we got to scrimmage many of the national teams, including Team USA with Mike Powell. The US vs Canada games were incredible. 

John "JP" Paul

One place you’d still love to watch a game.

Klockner. I’ve never seen a game there. 

One of your fondest lacrosse memories?

Too many to easily choose, but one had to be hosting Hopkins and Army in Ann Arbor for fall scrimmages in 2007 when Michigan was still an MCLA club. There was a huge crow, it was a beautiful night, and we were doing something unprecedented. 

Fun fact about yourself

I’ve been to more than 50 countries and all 50 states. 

JP is a lacrosse guy, one that enjoys traveling the world.

How are you currently involved in lacrosse?

I help out various programs when asked, but I’m currently advising the Anishinaabe Baagaadowewin lacrosse program as they build their infrastructure and national teams. 

JP has been helping the Anishinaabe Baagadowewin organize.

Piece of advice for young coaches?

Ask advice from every coach you can (not just lacrosse coaches). Never stop learning. 

Where to follow John Paul:

Twitter: @JP_summit41

Instagram: @jpaul41

Stay tuned for JP’s interview on Going Offsides this Friday!