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The JuCo Report: PreSeason Poll is LIVE!

Welcome back to the JuCo Report, where we talk about NJCAA lacrosse, its preseason poll, and how the 2017 season is shaping up! It’s an exciting time for NJCAA lacrosse, and as usual, we’re talking about it, because it’s great!

If even one game is as good as the 2016 National Championship game, we’re in for another amazing season of JuCo lacrosse! Nothing wrong with starting 2017 off with the best of 2016!

2016 JuCo Report Championship Highlights

NJCAA PreSeason Top Ten Poll

Top Ten Ranking, Current Record, Vote Points
1) Genesee, 0-0, 59
2) Onondaga, 0-0, 55
3) Nassau, 0-0, 48
4) Howard, 0-0, 40
5) Essex, 0-0, 35
6) Harford, 0-0, 29
7) Anne Arundel, 0-0, 24
8) Suffolk, 0-0, 18
9) Union, 0-0, 10
10) Ocean County, 0-0, 5

Others Receiving Votes: Monroe, FLCC, Frederick, Mercyhurst NE

PreSeason Poll – Early Season Thoughts

It’s weird not seeing Onondaga or Nassau on top of the polls, but Genesee won the title last year, so giving the #1 spot to anyone else would be sacrilege. Genesee has a lot to replace, but that program has been improving for years, so don’t look for them to drop off too fast. There is still plenty of talent wearing yellow. On March 11th, GCC takes on CCBC Essex in a great early test for two top 5 teams.

Onondaga will be back, and will be ready to go from Day 1. These guys are hungry to go on a redemption tour as anything short of winning a title is simply not good enough. I’m THRILLED to see Peter Kwas on the roster for the Lazers. I don’t know how this Aussie made it to OCC, but I’m glad he did, because the kid can ball. At 17, he played for Australia’s national box team and he’s played against men in the Aussie State League since he was 15 or 16. He could be a real hidden gem. OCC has Larson Sundown returning, and Austin Staats is on the roster. Game changer. OCC has players from Australia, Canada, the Native Nations, the US, and even Japan in Kiochi Nakamura. Diversity, thy name is OCC!

I’ll get into more team breakdowns once rosters are up. As usual, OCC leading the way.

JuCo Report – Gear Showcase

We all know NJCAA lacrosse has some sweet gear. Here is Howard CC’s lid. It’s sweet!

Of course Onondaga also got geared out in a serious way:

If you’ve got sweet NJCAA gear to show off, email it to me at Connor@LacrosseAllStars.com or tweet it to me @ConnorWilsonLAS. I want to show this stuff off, help me out!

Tips, Stories, Holler!

If you want to be featured in the JuCo Report, have gear to show off, videos you want shown off, photos, game recaps, etc, GET AT ME! Email it to me at Connor@LacrosseAllStars.com or tweet it to me @ConnorWilsonLAS. The JuCo Report lives for you, and through you. Make it great(er) again!