Jules Heninburg PLL stats
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Jules Heningburg Keeps Adding Goals: In-Depth PLL Stats

We’ve got another PLL stats analysis update, this time with deeper details, especially for goals added. And Jules Heningburg can’t stop adding goals.

These statistics are meant to serve as a guide to better understand what’s happening on PLL fields, not a steadfast rule for how good a player is or isn’t. Everything is fluid, and these stats aren’t the only measures of a player’s success.

Jules Heningburg Keeps Adding Goals: PLL Stats

It’s also important to note that I’m human and do all tracking by re-watching games and recording by hand. Calculation errors are possible.

Goals Added

Goals added is a shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off-cage shots and assumes all on-cage shots are saves (not a given) to factor in who is adding the most goals for their team.

This is the top half of the goals added list:

PlayerGoals Added
Jules Heningburg6.8
Jake Carraway5.5
Will Manny5.21
Colin Heacock5.06
Ian MacKay4.2
Stephen Rehfuss4.11
Sergio Perkovic3.98
Jackson Morrill3.56
Danny Logan3.31
Jeff Teat3.27
Mac O’Keefe3.25
Andrew Kew3.11
Matt Kavanagh2.76
Ryan Drenner2.69
Ryan Smith2.68
Mikie Schlosser2.52
Paul Rabil2.45
Scott Ratliff2.4
Romar Dennis2.38
Ryland Rees1.89
Lyle Thompson1.79
Eli Gobrecht1.77
Adam Ghitelman1.77
Reece Eddy1.77
Josh Byrne1.69
Latrell Harris1.62
Dominique Alexander1.54
Wes Berg1.46
Dhane Smith1.41
Michael Manley1.4
Ben Reeves1.33
Michael Ehrhardt1.23
Charlie Bertrand1.17
CJ Costabile1.08
Steven DeNapoli1.06
Bryan Costabile1.02
Ryder Garnsey0.95
Ryan Terefenko0.85
Jake Withers0.82
Jay Carlson0.8
Ryan Ambler0.79
Connor Farrell0.77
Chris Sabia0.77
Patrick Harbeson0.77
Greg Weyl0.77
Craig Chick0.53
Ryan Brown0.5
Christian Mazzone0.45
Tre Leclaire0.37
Ryan McNamara0.34
Joel White0.32
Holden Garlent0.32
Jamie Trimboli0.29
Ben McIntosh0.27
Chris Cloutier0.24
Ethan Walker0.16
Tyson Bell0.08
Trevor Baptiste0.08
Connor Fields0.05
Jake Bernhardt0.05

This is the bottom half of the list, and there are some great players near the bottom who may surprise you:

PlayerGoals Added
Deemer Class-0.01
Michael Sowers-0.05
Tommy Palasek-0.08
Chris Aslanian-0.16
Jake Pulver-0.16
Brad Smith-0.19
Patrick Resch-0.24
JD Colarusso-0.24
Michael Rexrode-0.24
Eli Salama-0.24
Tucker Durkin-0.24
Dillon Ward-0.24
John Moderski-0.24
Bryce Young-0.24
Eric Law-0.25
Myles Jones-0.29
Kieran McArdle-0.31
Ryan Conrad-0.35
Zed Williams-0.37
Matt Abbott-0.37
Sergio Salcido-0.37
Stephen Kelly-0.37
Sam Duggan-0.45
John Sexton-0.45
Mark Glicini-0.45
Jacob Stover-0.45
Isaiah Davis-Allen-0.45
Kyle Gallagher-0.45
Colin Squires-0.45
Charlie Hayes-0.45
Andrew Newbold-0.45
Kevin Unterstein-0.45
Austin Staats-0.45
Kyle Bernlohr-0.45
Drew Adams-0.45
Jack Kielty-0.45
Kevin Unterstein-0.45
Simon Mathias-0.48
Cade Van Raaphorst-0.48
Ben Randall-0.48
Max Tuttle-0.48
John Galloway-0.48
Chase Fraser-0.53
Brendan Sunday-0.61
Joel Tinney-0.69
Eddy Glazener-0.69
Max Adler-0.69
Drew Simoneau-0.69
Zach Goodrich-0.69
Jarrod Neumann-0.69
Ryan Lee-0.79
Drew Snider-0.8
Bryce Wasserman-0.9
Mark McNeill-0.9
John Crawley-0.92
Christian Cuccinello-0.93
Graeme Hossack-0.93
Jordan MacIntosh-1.06
Garrett Epple-1.06
Kyle Jackson-1.14
Jordan Wolf-1.14
Kevin Reisman-1.2
Zach Currier-1.35
Shayne Jackson-1.37
Will Haus-1.38
Grant Ament-1.4
Jake Froccaro-1.45
Joseph Nardella-1.51
Kyle Harrison-1.59
Connor Kirst-1.59
Jack Near-1.59
John Uppgren-1.59
Dox Aitken-1.59
Marcus Holman-1.72
Connor Buczek-1.93
John Ranagan-1.96
Troy Reh-1.99
Justin Guterding-2.09
TD Ierlan-2.1
Ned Crotty-2.37
Justin Anderson-2.47
Michael Kraus-2.68
Brent Adams-2.68
Ryan Tierney-2.73
Tom Schreiber-2.92
Connor Kelly-3
Matt Rambo-3.08
Mike Chanenchuk-3.38
Mark Cockerton-3.52
Rob Pannell-4.4
Daniel Bucaro-4.62
John Haus-7.75

Points Created by the Dodge

This stat awards a point if a dodge sets up a goal by either drawing a slide of the player scoring himself.

PlayerPoints Created
Lyle Thompson17
Myles Jones16
Grant Ament14
Connor Kelly13
Tom Schreiber13
Rob Pannell12
Zach Currier12
Zed Williams12
Paul Rabil11
Bryan Costabile10
Jules Heningburg10
Mikie Schlosser10

Points Allowed

This is the defensive equivalent of the points created stat (you don’t want to be on this list). Your one-on-one defense created offense either through a goal being allowed or a slide leading to a goal. I had to make some judgment calls in the two-man game.

Remember that the players who get challenged the most are most likely to get on this list, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, guarding Lyle Thompson is a good way to find your name here.

To make this stat easier to understand, I’m sorting by position (SSDMs have it the roughest here).

High Volume SSDMs

Jared Bernhardt15
Ryan Conrad14
Tyson Bell13
Ryan Terefenko11
Pat Harbeson9
Ian MacKay8
Jake Richard8
Mark Glicini8
Zach Goodrich8
Dominique Alexander7
Isaiah Davis-Allen7
Latrell Harris6
Christian Scarpello6
Matt Abbott5
Will Haus5
Danny Logan4


Jack Kielty7
Michael Rexrode7
Bryce Young6
Eddy Glazner6
Eli Gobrecht6
Matthew Dunn6
Graeme Hossack5
Jarrod Neumann5
Jack Rowlett5
Tim Muller5
Craig Chick4
John Moderski4
Johnny Surdick4
Garrett Epple3
Greg Weyl3
Tucker Durkin3
Reece Eddy3
Tim Edwards3
Matt McMahon3

Faceoffs Equated to Goals

Using the approximate value of a possession, we see how many goals each FOGO adds by gaining or losing possessions in faceoffs.

PlayerFaceoff Equated to Goals
TD Ierlan11.27
Joseph Nardella6.67
Trevor Baptiste5.06
Jake Withers2.76
Connor Farrell-0.23
Graeme Hossack-0.69
Conor Gaffney-1.15
Peyton Smith-1.38
Stephen Kelly-1.38
Danny Logan-1.84
Kevin Reisman-1.84
Drew Simoneau-2.76
Max Adler-2.99
Kyle Gallagher-3.68
Thomas Kelly-4.37

Updates to these stats from Winston Analytica will come every other week, providing you with up-to-date in-depth statistical analysis to give a deeper understanding of what’s happening every weekend. We shall see if Jules Heningburg can keep it up as the goals added leader, if TD Ierlan continues to dominate the faceoff leaderboard, if Lyle Thompson keeps on creating points, and more.

You can find more about these stats at @WAStatistics on Twitter.