katie focciola foss stringer spotlight #thegopherproject
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Katie Facciola (aka Foss): Stringer Spotlight — #TheGopherProject

Welcome to the December spotlight!   When I first starting writing for Lacrosse All Stars, I wrote down about 15 folks in the community that I wanted to spotlight. Needless to say, Katie was high on the list. Honestly I had her pegged for February so we could do some Laxcon stuff for that.  However, with her recent announcement, I had to bump her up on the list! The announcement? You’ll have to read below. Let’s first introduce Katie Facciola (aka Foss)!  Now, not only is Foss one of my favorite stringers — there is nothing she can’t string up — but she is one of the people I look forward to catching up with at LaxCon.  You cannot have a bad time around her. Whether it’s laughing at her Laxcon onesie or just spending time with her, she rocks!

katie focciola foss stringer spotlight #thegopherproject

Katie Facciola (aka Foss): Stringer Spotlight

Kevin – “Foss, let’s hear about your big announcement!”

Foss – *insert drum roll*  I’m opening my own independent shop!!!!  Foss Lacrosse, LLC is opening at 1110 Main St.  Wakefield, Massachusetts!!!!! You can find more info at www.fossyhola.com

Kevin – “Congratulations!  How did this idea come about and how did it finally come to fruition?”

Foss – Well, I’ve been able to work from home and string for over a year now.  And it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I love being my own boss, I’m actually a pretty terrible employee cause I want things done my way.   So I just decided I wanted a new challenge and grow the brand.

katie focciola foss stringer spotlight #thegopherproject

Kevin – “Since you are running the show, how will you differ from your typical brick and mortar lacrosse store?”

Foss – I don’t want you to just come in get a stick and leave.  Come in, play on the bounceback for a little bit, string in the stringing corner, come around the desk and watch highlights with me from the college season. Add your schools’ stats to our chalkboard wall.  For coaches, let’s chat about drills and how different teams in the area are doing. I want to know how your season is doing and what college you want to go to. We will always be stringing a stick when you walk in the door, either for a player or to throw on the shelf.  Lacrosse is fun so we want our shop to be just as fun as the sport is.

Kevin – “Will you be able to dye heads in the shop as well?”

Foss – Heck yeah!!! We will have new dyes weekly on the shelves and available through our Instagram! (just don’t tell my landlord lol)

katie focciola foss stringer spotlight #thegopherproject

Kevin – “Will you ship internationally?”

Foss – “Not at the moment!”

Kevin – “Laxcon — what are your plans?”

Foss – “ I need to decide what onesie I should wear for LaxCon!”

Thanks for reading!  Use #thegopherproject on your string ups to earn a future spotlight or string up of the week!