Know The Game Podcast Ep. 5: Jesse McNulty
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Know The Game Podcast Ep. 5: Jesse McNulty

This week we have Jesse McNulty, Manager of Lacrosse Analytics for the Atlanta Blaze of the MLL.

Jesse is someone who is relatively new to the sport of lacrosse, be he has quickly seen his involvement in the sport steadily increase. As the Manager of Lacrosse Analytics for Atlanta, he leads the very talented and experienced team of analysts who are on the forefront of bringing quantitative decision making into lacrosse.

The field of sports analytics is very young and has plenty of opportunity ahead of it. But with youth also comes misunderstanding. Jesse helps explain what analytics is, and what it isn’t. They go far beyond just looking at your basic box scores and help drive decisions throughout the Blaze organization.

You’ve got to Know the Game to Grow the Game!

Know the Game with Jesse McNulty

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