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Know The Game Podcast Ep. 3: Kevin Rice

This week’s episode is with Kevin Rice of the Atlanta Blaze. Kevin is a former Syracuse Lacrosse player who is now in his fourth MLL season. I get Kevin to share how he was able to go from a small high school as a player who did not specialize in lacrosse into working his way onto the field as a starting attack. As a senior, he earned his way to winning the award for the nation’s top attackman, the same year Lyle Thompson won the Tewaaraton as an attackman in Albany.

He shares his thoughts on the MLL compared to the NCAA in terms of pace, coaching, and how fun it is for spectators by comparing his experience as a player in both systems. On a personal level, while in the MLL, he also suffered a major injury for the first time as a player and describes how he worked his way back from it.

Finding Time with Kevin Rice

Like the rest of our guests, #22 is a busy man. Kevin also has just completed law school and discusses why he chose a more traditional career path instead of going fully into lacrosse right away.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and learn a little more about the game from a player’s perspective.

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