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Lacrosse And Healing: Chebeague Island, Maine

Upon receiving the news that my mother had passed away, a feeling of unprecedented devastation set in. I was pulled back from the brink by supportive friends and family, and the great people of the Montana Lacrosse Community helped me through the first hours with an amazing Medicine Game.

After returning to the family home in Maine, the game of lacrosse continued to help me heal. I strung up two traditional sticks, got to talk about the sport with my cousins Hugh, Cam and Julia, and I got to play catch with both my brother and father.  We even found my mom’s old varsity sweater and gave it to one of my mother’s best friends (and teammate!), Genie B, from her days on the Weston High School women’s lacrosse team.

My brother; Lee, his wife; Lauren, and I in Maine.

The main point of healing came from family, and it came from friends. It came from the great memories and the fantastic group of people my mother had helped bring together. Lacrosse was there too, just as it always had been. I thought back to the games of catch I had played with my mom in the side yard, and I thought about all the games where she came to watch me play. I thought back to all the support she had given me in life and lacrosse, and each time I put a stick back in my hands, I felt a little better, and a little more connected to her.

I know the rest of my family isn’t quite as obsessed with lacrosse as I am. And I’m sure it didn’t help them as much as it helped me. But I also think that since it helped me so much, I was able to help them, and was able to accept their help much more. In the process of healing, it made all the difference.