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Lacrosse Beauty: Welcome To Canada!

Lacrosse All Stars is excited to announce a brand new lacrosse blog! Welcome to the team, Lacrosse Beauty!

Here at LAS, we originally started out with MCLA coverage, then we quickly moved to covering the NCAA too, and then much, much more.  Over the past year or two, high school, lacrosse gear, and club lacrosse have made serious jumps in coverage, and we’re certainly not stopping there! Our newest lacrosse blog addition is Lacrosse Beauty, and it guarantees to be a Canadian good time!

Lacrosse Beauty Logo-555

This move started over a year ago, when Chris Fox joined LAS as a contributor.  Foxy brought that trademark Canadian sense of humor with him, and more box lacrosse opinion than any one American blog could handle.  Now Chris is moving to Lacrosse Beauty, where he will be joined by some fantastic friends and fellow lovers of lacrosse, in Jeff Matheson and Matt Brascia.

Jeff and Matt, or Mathy and Brash, both played ball at Simon Fraser in college and have extensive histories with the game.  They were the guys behind the instant classic “JOHN “STUMPY” ENEWAYS IS CANADIAN ATHLETE OF THE YEAR 1931“, and Jeff has been previewing the NLL week in and week out in 2012.  We know these guys have some fantastic stuff in the works, and we can only begin to guess what will come from them once they have their own blog.

Is it a little risky to give three Canadians their own blog?  Of course it is, they’re Canadian. :) But when you’re making videos like this, you simply deserve your own place to be heard.  All kidding aside, these guys are total pros!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Canadian Athlete of The Year 1931″]

The world of lacrosse is a wide one, and we are beyond thrilled to offer lacrosse fans a deep look into yet another corner of the lax universe.  The Canadian lacrosse scene is strong and fertile, and we’ve always wanted to know more about it.   Thankfully, we now have that chance, and so do you!

Check out Lacrosse Beauty for all things box lacrosse, all things Canada, and all things awesome.

A big shout out to Mathy, Brash and Foxy for joining up.  Welcome to LAS and Lacrosse Beauty, fellas.  Thanks for all your hard work in making it happen!

Who’s up for a little Lacrosse Beauty, eh?