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lacrosse gloves buyers guide 2021-22
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The Ultimate Lacrosse Gloves Buyers Guide for 2021-22

I love buying lacrosse gear (a lot), and I’m a fan of lacrosse-based guides. This week, I took a look at some of the best lacrosse gloves on the market for the 2021-22 season and put them together in this buyers guide.

I’ve broken down five gloves to consider this year when making your next big purchase. What qualifies for this list, you may ask? I focused on recently-released gloves that have become available in the past year or so and are commonly offered across major lacrosse retailers. I also focused on gloves with a competitive price point when compared to other gloves on the market. While I love the elite gloves that can cost $150+, I left those off this list to appeal to a larger audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the top lacrosse gloves for buyers in 2021-22.

Lacrosse Gloves Buyers Guide for 2021-22

Warrior Burn Pro Gloves

The Warrior Burn Pro gloves offer many great reasons to choose them for your upcoming season. The ImpaxLT molded foam along the back of the glove offers elite protection from any checks that may come your way while still staying lightweight.

Along with protection, these gloves feature optimal ventilation with the TruventTM system placed throughout them. These gloves also win style points with a very streamline design that honestly just looks pretty sweet.

Maverik M5 Gloves

From the PLL to college lacrosse, these were a hot commodity this past season. Maverik has always been known to make some great gloves but really stepped it up with these, utilizing several key features.

The Flowcool vent on the back allows for increased airflow, the all-time class AxSuede palms give the best feel, and the adjustable cuff allows the player a sense of customization when choosing how to rock their cuffs. These are just several of the key features that make these M5 gloves from Maverik a great option.

STX Cell 5 Gloves

Let’s be honest; we’ve all owned a pair of STX Cell gloves at one point or another. The Cell 5 gloves offer many of the same features we have all loved, while also upgrading several areas to advance the Cell glove line. The Power Fit system built into the glove creates added space in key areas for comfort and crucial movement while playing. These also feature GeoFlex II padding for increased protection in areas you need i t most. The bonus feature in these is the Guard Lock, which allows you to store your mouthguard safely with your gloves.

From the new features to the most classic features of the Cell line of gloves, these Cell 5 gloves seem to be a very solid option.

True Temper Zerolyte Gloves 

While True Temper is still somewhat new to the lacrosse protection world, I think these Zerolyte gloves will attract anyone’s attention. From the low profile fit that grips to your hand to the insanely lightweight and protective design, these are very worth considering this season when looking to purchase your next pair of gloves. They also feature the favorite AXSuede Quattro palms that offer the most feel while playing.

Gait Field Glove

Gait’s newest glove offering in the Gait Field Glove impresses from the design and protection to the three-piece cuff system. On the protection side of these gloves, they feature hard plastic placed around high-impact areas to ensure hard slap checks won’t result in injured hands. I personally see these playing a big role in the box lacrosse world, particularly due to the style and design that reminds most of older, classic gloves.

Looking to Spend More or Buy Older?

Perhaps you’re able and willing to drop a bit more cash on your new lacrosse gloves for the 2021-22 campaign. If you’re open to spending $150+ on gloves this season, I’d recommend looking into the STX Surgeon RZR gloves, Maverik Max gloves, and Warrior Evo QX gloves.

If you’re looking for slightly-older gloves and want some advice on what to check out, I wrote about what I consider to be the five-best modern lacrosse gloves last month.

How Should I Maintain My Gloves?

Lacrosse gloves can pretty quickly become disgusting, and it’s important to take care of them so they can last longer and give you more bang for your buck. But you have to be careful. How dirty they are affects how you should clean them, plus what they’re made out of. Don’t enter the situation blindly.

Then comes a big question in the modern game: should I cut the palms out of my gloves? That’s a personal choice (although some leagues and levels don’t allow it), and you need to weigh the pros and cons before taking the scissors to your precious piece of equipment.

Need More Help with Your 2021-22 Gear?

We have specialized buyers guides for the 2021-22 season coming your way the next few weeks, from mesh to helmets and more. Everything you need will be covered in our guides. Take a look at what we have prepared for you!