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Lacrosse News And Video Explosion

Welcome to the newest edition of our Lacrosse News And Video Explosion post! We find all the biggest news stories, as well as all the best new video, and we put it all in one place so you can stay up to date on what’s going on in the lacrosse world!

Welcome to the newest edition of our Lacrosse News And Video Explosion post! We find all the biggest news stories, as well as all the best new video, and we put it all in one place so you can stay up to date on what’s going on in the lacrosse world! From NCAA D1 to pro to youth, and everything in between, the Lacrosse News And Video Explosion has you covered!

Main Photo Credit: Robert White

Lacrosse News And Video Explosion!

George Huguely V Won’t Get Appeal

A high court in Virginia has rejected George W. Huguely V’s appeal request. Huguely is currently serving 23 years in jail for beating his girlfriend, Yeardley Love, to death in her UVA dorm room. Both Huguely and Love were UVA lacrosse players. Huguely’s attorneys cited jury selection and the fact that one of his attorneys was sick during trial as reasons for their appeal. The appeal was rejected without comment.

JP Honsinger Battles Childhood Alzheimer’s

It’s a rare and incurable disease, but PJ is fighting along, and receives a boost from the local police department as well as the University of Albany men’s lacrosse team. Two good teams to have in your corner! Good stuff happening in Clifton Park, NY!

Ottawa Lacrosse Program Pays Dividends

Imagine you’re a dad, and you want to start a new program for your son to play lacrosse. Then, imagine you’re that same dad, and years have passed. Now your son is going off to play D1 lacrosse. That’s a movie script, right? Nope, it’s real life.

Denver All-Access Video

I’m always complaining that there isn’t enough Denver video up online…

As ASU Adding Women’s Lacrosse?

ASU is adding hockey, which is weird to me, but whatever. The next sport the school might add? Women’s Lacrosse! You have to figure men’s lacrosse just can’t be that far off!

STX Press Release on New Helmet

STX has put out a press release on their new helmet. They have teamed up with Schutt to produce this helmet, and you can read their press release here. You can see our take on their new marketing strategy here.

Team Booster Steals From Team

Usually, Boosters are meant to help sports teams with fundraising. In Minnesota one Booster got the wrong idea and decided she would use the lacrosse team to boost her business by about $33,000. That’s right, one of the Anoka HS Booster Club members allegedly took $33,000 from the lacrosse team to pay business debts. Kind of scary, but glad she got caught!

Lacrosse Can Be Slow In Fall – Oklahoma State

There are still challenges at the MCLA level… sometimes it’s just about getting guys out to practice!

Liberty Box Lacrosse Championships

The Liberty Indoor Lacrosse League runs in Philly. Here is video from their championship game featuring the Athletics and the Monkeys!

Colorado Mammoth Training Camp

A view from the sidelines of Mammoth training camp to get those NLL juices flowing!

Jake Southren Adrenaline Highlights

Who says the dodging attackman is dead? Kid goes hard to the left!

Lacrosse Magazine – Lyle Thompson – Person of the Year

It would be hard to go in any another direction! Lyle Thompson was THE guy in the game last year. He helped lead Albany to new levels of success, won the Tewaaraton along with his brother, and led the Iroquois to their first ever medal at an FIL field lacrosse championship. Big year, great player, well deserved!

New Episode – That Old Lacrosse Head

This week we fixed up an STX Viper for Mat Levine, the man behind Doc’s NYC Lacrosse!

Subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel for more great lacrosse video! You can find older episodes of That Old Lacrosse Head HERE!

Math Genius Also A Lacrosse Star

Jonathan Chan might be one of the best young mathematicians on the planet. He’s also a starter on his high school’s varsity lacrosse team! Brains and brawn… excellent. Who doesn’t love talking about the Distribution of Discriminants Over a Finite Field? Jonathan does!

ODU 2015 Lacrosse Promo

Hex Brand Continues to Grow

Drew Westervelt is the COO and co-founder of Hex, a product that cleans the stink off your padding. I’ve used it, it works, and Drew is on to something big here! Read about Hex’s newfound success out West here.

Notre Dame Lacrosse Learns Deep Sea Fishing

…is somehow lacrosse related.

Rio Olympics Mascot is a Yellow Cat

Ok then, yellow cat.

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