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Lacrosse News And Video Explosion: Galaxy Edition

Welcome to another fantastic Lacrosse News and Video Explosion! This week we’re making it an extra special Galaxy Edition, thanks to our buddy Kacy Small. Check out the first post for more on the Galaxy awesomeness, and check out the rest of the stories and videos to stay on top of the lacrosse world. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Custom Galaxy Gloves – UNREAL WORK!

Kacy Small runs 380 Lacrosse in PA, coaches kids religously, plays for Team Thailand, AND he makes unreal custom gloves. Who knew this was a thing? Not me! But now I do, and I’m impressed. Tell me those don’t look exactly like the Nike Galaxy Foamposite sneakers. I dare you to tell me that.


Kacy uses a special sneaker paint to customize the Nike Vapor Elite gloves, which is specially designed for sneaker leather so it flexs with wear and doesnt crack.

You can see more from Kacy Small on Instagram. Follow him – @CruzWorldCustoms and @380Lacrosse.

nike_lacrosse_gloves_galaxy news and video

George Mason Murder –  Death Penality Upheld

in 1996, Aimee Willard was kidnapped, tortured, and killed. She was a PA product, a star lacrosse player at George Mason, and by all accounts, a wonderful young woman. A state supreme court has rejected Arthur Bomar’s appeal against his death penalty conviction in 1998.

News and Video – No Man Down Highlights

Lacrosse Remembers Terry Sanderson

Terry Sanderson was an amazing man in lacrosse from an amazing lacrosse family up in Canada. If you don’t know who he is, you should. Big time Game Grower, big time good man! Rest in Peace, Terry.

Northmen teammates recall Terry Sanderson ‘Mr. Lacrosse in Orangeville’

Terry Sanderson’s lacrosse accomplishments

Toronto Rock mourning GM Terry Sanderson

Paul Rabil Never Met An Interview He Didn’t Like

PR99 is EVERYwhere, all the time. Or at least it seems that way. Dude does SO MANY interviews! He is our most famous ambassador after all.

Thanksgiving Pie Tin Shootout

Student Collapse Prompts CPR Day

A lacrosse player collapsed during a practice and the end result was a CPR day. Good to see a community come together for future safety in the midst of what could be only tragedy.

100 Years Later – Lax Returns To N. Ireland

Even before the Newtownards team was formed in 1872, there were teams established in Canada and they travelled over to play exhibition games so they played all over Northern Ireland, Dublin and as part of that trip, there was even an exhibition put on for Queen Victoria.

Former PSU Laxer Shines For Bills

This is just TOO impressive. A little D1 lax, then some pro football. Chris Hogan making headlines!