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Lacrosse recruiting video tips
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Lacrosse Recruiting Video Tips: How to Cook Up Highlights

Highlight films have become an integral part of college lacrosse recruiting. But making a video isn’t necessarily an intuitive process if you don’t have any experience. These are some important tips for putting together a video that can help you in your lacrosse recruiting process.

Lacrosse Recruiting Video Tips

Quality Competition: Make sure the clips you use are against the best competition you faced. You don’t need to include film of you running by squids or taking the ball away from little kids.

Keep It Tight: Nobody needs to see every goal you scored your sophomore year against the aforementioned squids or little kids. Keep it tight to just the stuff that will actually impress coaches.

If we can’t see it in under two minutes, it’s probably not there. Remember that the film is one piece of the recruiting puzzle. It should help you and not hurt you, so keep it clean and tight.

Start Hot: Don’t save your best for last. The first clip should be fire. Show us your best right away to keep us engaged. Try to make an instant impact in the first few moments of the video.

Variety: Show us more than just goals. There’s a lot more to lacrosse than the final shot that ends up putting the ball in the back of the net, and you want people to see a more complete picture of who you are on the field. A tough ground ball and crisp pass after should be in every short stick’s video within the first three clips.

Consider Your Audience: The most fun we have with highlight reels i that we make a list of them for our incoming freshmen, and then we share them with each other and the rest of the team. The GroupMe is cracklin’ with commentary. An important tip for any lacrosse recruiting video is to consider your audience when making it.

Music? It better be “baller alert” or leave it off. Get up on this level:

If you do include music, keep the soundtrack clean. Slurs and profanity can send the wrong message. We love guys who are actually tough, not just ones who listen to tough music.

Seriously, though, we usually mute the volume while we watch. But we may give you the aux at practice if you have a great taste in jams, so it might be worth it to shoot your shot.

The exception here may be defenders and goalies, though. We might want to hear you communicate if you have that on film. Most of the filming services will run audio, so it’s possible that you’ll be able to get some communication on tape. A good tip would be to tell anyone filming for you to make sure they capture you communicating on the field in your recruiting highlights.

Mute any annoying fans in the audio. No one wants to hear that.

What Can My Highlights Do for Me? Your highlight film may whet my appetite for me. After I talk to your coaches about your character and leadership, I usually ask for some uncut game film. Typically, your coach can Hudl share, and I usually ask for a rivalry game film.