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lacrosse wall ball drills
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Wall Ball Drills That Will Make You Better

It sounds cliché, but it’s the golden rule in lacrosse: hit the wall. We’ve all heard it from our first practice as children to our angry college coaches who saw us drop one too many passes: HIT. THE. WALL. So, you’ll want to know some lacrosse wall ball drills.

I’ve assembled five great videos to help you improve your stick skills and included a few tips for each to get you started. Champions are made in the offseason, so go find a wall, a bounce back, or even a pallet of wood leaned against something, and get better today.

Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills to Make You Better


Legendary player Bill Daye breaks down the importance of wall ball and gives a few tips to get us started.

All Inclusive

This wall ball workout with Joey Sankey is a great way to challenge yourself and also get the necessary reps. He starts of with the basics and builds his way up to more advanced skills.

140 Quick Reps – Intermediate

Any intermediate player can do this one, and I think it’s a great way to hit all of the different pass types in a short period of time. If you’re an intermediate to advanced player, I’d recommend this set of wall ball drills after a long weekend or a few days away from the stick to quickly get dialed in.


If you want a challenge or a way to keep yourself busy for hours, try any one of the things that lacrosse legend Matt Gibson does in the video below. Try watching this video without immediately running outside and attempting a few of these.

My Tips

  • Get the reps you need, but also get creative. Wall ball is where you can add stuff to your game without risk.
  • Move your feet as much as possible. No one ever throws passes with two flat feet squared up to their teammate in a game.
  • Use tape or landmarks to hit spots on the wall to dial in accuracy. If it’s your wall, tape a lacrosse goal outline.
  • Do wall ball drills with your gamer and your backup(s). What good is a backup stick that you’ve never used before the gamer breaks? Have the whole arsenal ready to go.