LAS Exclusive: Connor Martin Talks Warrior Lacrosse


connor_martin_inverviewPt1While at the Tahoe Lacrosse Tourney, the Lacrosse All Stars crew snagged an interview with Connor Martin, widely known across the interwebz as The Inventor of the Flow Bucket.

There’s always fun stuff going on on the sidelines at summer tourneys and Tahoe was no exception. After our a tough Woozle loss to eventual champion Dub-C, your beat up LAS co-founders were on the sidelines sipping some brews and scoping the scenery with Connor Martin and some of the Bigfoot crew. One thing led to another and I realized 2 things: 1) I had a flipcam in my pocket, and 2) I run a lacrosse website and I should probably get an interview. What resulted is shown below for your viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately for us (that means you, me, and anyone else about to watch this footage) yours truly was a lotta bit shaky with back spasms galore, so this is fair warning. After the first minute or so you’d think this was a scene from Borne Ultimatum. Video quality gets better later on and Connor drops some bodacious quotes.

Disclaimer aside, there’s still a good interview here that gives us a behind the scenes look at Connor Martin. And guess what? Turns out the dude is real nice guy. The haters will hate, but LAS is now a big fan. Keep up the good work #99.

This is Part 1 and as we all know, where there’s a Part 1, there’s always a Part 2 right around the corner…

We’ll call this one The Director’s Cut:

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