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Las Vegas Lacrosse
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Las Vegas is the NLL’s Newest Lacrosse City

So we knew that today there would be a pretty cool announcement regarding the new NLL team in Las Vegas but we weren’t sure what it would be.

Las Vegas Lacrosse

At around 6:00am we discovered that the team was being lead by some of the most notable athletes of the past few decades along with lacrosse investor / business tycoon Joe Tsai.

The ownership group consists of:

Like many of you we eagerly awaited the press conference this afternoon in hopes of finding out more information about the new franchise, but sadly we will have to wait as they are following in the footsteps of the Albany Firewolves and taking fan submissions for a team name.

NLL Press Release

Here are important excerpts from the league’s press release:

“It is an honor and privilege to work together to bring the game of box lacrosse to the Las Vegas community. The people of Las Vegas have proven how passionate and supportive they are of professional sports franchises they can call their own. We look forward to making a difference here on the floor and in the community – and becoming a franchise that fans in Las Vegas will be truly proud to cheer for. Even though the team won’t start playing until late 2022, we want to involve the folks in Las Vegas from the very start as far as how we launch and grow our franchise, including in the selection of our team name. On the business side and across our franchise generally, we will also be forward-thinking and innovative, embracing best practices in analytics and technology across everything we do – and all while staying true to the fast-paced and exciting nature of both box lacrosse and the city of Las Vegas. We can’t wait to get started.” 

Joint Statement from Team Ownership 

“We are very proud to welcome Las Vegas NLL as our 15th franchise, led by an elite group of businesspeople and accomplished current and former athletes – most importantly great people in Joe, Wayne, Dustin, and Steve on the ownership level and Mark Fine leading business operations. It all started two years ago with a meeting and an idea and here we are today. When our industry looks back years from now on the growth of box lacrosse as a sport and Las Vegas as a home of a first-class franchise, we believe this will be one of the seminal days in NLL history. The people in this community are going to be in for a treat both on the floor and in the community.” 

NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz 

The NLL continues to set a high bar in the lacrosse world and we look forward to seeing more news about NLL expansion in the future.

If you want to be a part of the Las Vegas naming process head to their homepage and submit your best team name!

For more information on the new Las Vegas lacrosse team, please visit and follow the team on Twitter (@lasvegaslax), Instagram (@lasvegaslacrosse), Facebook (, TikTok (lasvegaslacrosse), and Twitch (