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Lax Link-O-Rama Extended

Lacrosse season is hot and I don’t mean that like Paris Hilton.  Who?  Exactly.  Lax isn’t heating up anymore… because we’re there. The water is boiling, throw the pasta in the pot.

After this weekend, UNC will have played and won two games already (without 2 starting attackmen and a middie to boot).  Yes, that means I’m almost certain they’ll beat Bryant this weekend.  UMass almost lost to Sacred Heart. BYU and Chapman are playing in a featured MCLA game that will be broadcast on Fox College Sports Pacific on Saturday night at 10pm EST.  Pretty sweet.  College lax is already in full swing!

Now, I’ve been playing a lot lately myself and have to say I’m really loving it.  Writing for LAS has really given me a brand new passion for the sport on the field.  Another thing that has been amazing has been our readers, and they have really inspired me to be better.  I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there who’s been reading the site and let you know how much we appreciate your attention.  Lacrosse is so much more than just a game to those who know it well and we’re thrilled to be a part of it all.

Lacrosse has traditionally been biggest on Strong Island, Upstate NY and Baltimore.  Every year the debate over who is top dog rages on and this year we’re starting out with Maryland doubting itself.  Maybe it’s just a ploy to inspire the home side, maybe they’ve given up.  Whatever the answer, very few people outside of those areas actually care because they all know Denver is the new lax capitol of the world.

And Denver is where Tierney is so… yeah, the Baltimore Sun also did a story on that.  Why?  Because they love lax.  Respek.  In a really surprising turn of events, Tierney might just be aiming to have a really mediocre run at Denver. Or not.

Denver is in Colorado.  Colorado, you say? I do.  Jason Lamb (former BYU coach) has landed the gig at Adams State, an NCAA Division II school in CO, and will oversee the creation of both men’s and women’s programs.  This is great for many obvious reasons: Lamb should be employed as a coach, a D2 NCAA team is back in Colorado replacing the Colorado School of Mines that dropped its team a few years back, Colorado College has an in-state NCAA team to play (AFA doesn’t play CC), the game is growing, D2 is expanding, etc.  The list goes on.  This is awesome news.

And while NCAA teams are great and all, the MCLA is where the real growth is right now.  Wisconsin will field an MCLA team this year, I saw some of the kids who were on their intramuralish teams and they could play so I think their MCLA squad will be pretty competitive.  The University of Kentucky’s team is also making strides and I love seeing the UK logo on the side of a lacrosse helmet.  This day has come a lot faster than I thought it would although that doesn’t mean I’m content with where things are… but I’m hopeful!  Lacrosse in Cali?  Sure.  Cal takes on UCSB and here is a video news report.  Seriously.

On a totally different note, Kevin Huntley has been traded to Toronto where he’ll be coached by his dad.  I played for my dad and thought it was cool as a kid so I can only imagine that it will be awesome in the pros.  Especially since college is really more serious.  This should just be fun.  Some day I won’t be able to say that but for now… it’s nice.  There were also a bunch of other players involved like Josh Sims, draft picks, Jeff Zwycki, Jordan Levine and Nick O’Hara.  Probably one of the most logical MLL trades of all time.

Dave Huntley is a legend in Canada as well he should be.  And Canadians love lax.  They call it boxla but whatever.  I would click on the next link for the picture alone but I also think it’s great that our neighbors to the North have a thing for lacrosse just as much as we do and this short article definitely demonstrates that.

For some sweet boxla action, you should check out this DVD.  Box fake.  No, the box it comes in is real.  Box fake.

If you haven’t noticed, IL has TOTALLY redone their website.  Oh, you noticed?  Thought so.  It looks much better and is easier to navigate, which is good.  The stories are the same and the man himself, QK, is still saying things that confuse me.  He analyzes the US-Duke scrimmage and I don’t know about you, but I just don’t get it.  Quint is a smart dude and knows lax but I just think he’s way off on most of his criticisms.  Were there mistakes?  Of course there were!  It was just so early on for the US team and he should know better than to think the team in Manchester will even resemble the squad we saw 2 weeks ago.  He also calls them an All-Star team.  They aren’t.  He also criticizes the team offense after saying he won’t.  Stuff like that.  I know these are grown ass men who can take criticism but maybe, just maybe, we could rally around our national team instead of hating on them just for a little controversy.  It’s a thought.

This year’s version of the NESCAC lacrosse season starts on Monday, February 15th.  I’m excited.

I’m also pretty pumped because I just got a pair of socks from the Killer Bees.  They’re comfortable and audacious, which makes them perfect for any lax dude.  We also got to see a mock up for some new Killer Bees shorts by the guys over at ProAthletics and they look like the three way love-child of the RZA, lacrosse and California.  You didn’t know that when a sport, a rapper and a state all love each other very much a stork will deliver a new pair of shorts?  Well now you know.

From the streets of Shaolin, Killer Bees are on a storm.

We’re starting to get more and more inquiries at LAS and anytime we get asked a really good question or someone has a truly excellent comment, we’ll try to make sure it gets some love on the site.  Recently I got an email from “Seth” asking,

I have recently come across some of your stuff on and I’m really impressed. I’ve dyed alot of heads for myself as well as many of my friends but have a hard time doing stuff as detailed as your Maryland dye jobs. I was wondering where you get the vinyl to do the logo and the checker board and if you get it made or your cut it yourself. Any tips you have would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the email, Seth!  You can find sheets of vinyl adhesive at big office supply stores, like Staples, and well-stocked art supply stores.  You’ll also want to pick up an Xacto knife and a cutting board.  Draw the design on the vinyl with a marker and then cut it out with the Xacto knife.  If you want it to come out well, this will take time and you may have to try it a couple of times to get it right.  If you’re under the age of… let’s just say 18, get your parent(s)’ permission.  The last thing we want is for some kid to slice his finger off!  When you adhere the vinyl to the head you want to make sure the head is clean and dry.  Once the vinyl is stuck on the stick, you want to make sure it is REALLY on there so warm up the adhesive with a hair dryer and then press the sticker on to the stick firmly.  I always cut my designs myself but you can order stickers as well and that certainly increases precision.  You can get a sheet of custom stickers made for under $100 pretty easily.  The checkers are derived from a number of small, individual squares.  That takes time too but I like the effect!

Thanks for reading, thanks for emailing and keep up the good work, LAS Nation!

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