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Lazar Matijasevic, Serbia Lacrosse - Going Offsides

Lazar Matijasevic, Serbia Lacrosse – Going Offsides

After the professional summer tournaments ended, we decided to show the world, specifically people in lacrosse hot beds (United States, Canada), what lacrosse looks like across the globe. This project involved a world tour of six episodes with lacrosse leaders in six different countries: Israel, Denmark, Slovenia, Japan, Serbia (Lazar Matijasevic), and Poland (Wednesday). After the episode about Poland we will return to our normal content on Going Offsides, but given the success and interest of these international episodes we will continue showcasing these countries from time to time.

Going Offsides with Lazar Matijasevic

On this week’s episode we sit down with Lazar Matijasevic to talk about the state of lacrosse in Serbia, what the plans are for the international tournaments, and how locals are working to grow the game within Serbia.

Lazar plays for one of the premier clubs in Serbia, the Belgrade Zombies, with what I assume is one of the coolest team names in the world. He explains how the team became the Zombies, a most interesting story.

In a post-COVID world you should expect to see Serbia at the European Lacrosse Championships competing for an opportunity to attend the 2023 World Lacrosse Championships.

Follow Serbia Lacrosse via @serbia_lax on Instagram and learn all the rest you need to know via its website!

If you have an idea for an episode or want to be a guest on the Going Offsides podcast you can DM the Going Offsides accounts, or email us!

Join us this fall as we take a deep dive into international lacrosse and what lacrosse looks like in countries all over the world. Later this fall we will look at domestic box teams and educate ourselves about the opportunities that exist in the game.

Stay tuned for more great interviews by Nick and Ryan as they continue to grow the Going Offsides podcast. Keep up with Going Offsides on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the conversation.

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