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maverik lacrosse shafts

Maverik Lacrosse Shafts: 2019 Gear Review

As the 2019 Gear Reviews roll on, we’ve got another set of products to check out from Maverik Lacrosse. This time we’re talking about their shafts, with a specific focus on the 2019 metal offerings that Maverik has on tap, and how the consistency of a great metal shaft is a truly wonderful thing.

For Maverik’s shafts in 2019, one thing was clear before I even picked one up — the look is super toned down and streamlined, and each and every Maverik shaft for 2019 is a sleek approach to lettering, logos, and branding. Giant graphics, bright colors, and over the top looks are nowhere to be found, and what we’re left with is a professional looking simplicity that I find really attractive. I got to check out the Union, Apollo, and Caliber shafts, and each of them is has a really clean and classy look.

Union Shaft from Maverik Lacrosse

The Union shaft is part of the traditional line of shaft shapes that Maverik offers, meaning the octagonal walls of the shaft are relatively flat and without any concave areas. It’s the most common and standard shaft wall design on the market, but the Union does stand out in a couple places and one of those that jumps out immediately is the bead blasted finish, which gives the shaft a great grippy feel, without the need for much tape, if any. Picking the shaft up, you feel an instant connection with the stick, and you know your hands will never slip.

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The other impressive attributes of this shaft don’t jump out at you visually, but there is plenty of other good stuff going on. The material used (Scandium/Titanium alloy) is tough and strong, but the dynamic wall taper aspect of the stick is really cool and explains how the shaft is so light, and yet so strong. What is happening here is that when the shaft is extruded, certain portions of the shaft get more material and are thicker, while other parts get less and are thinner. This allows the areas of the shaft that take the biggest beating to also be the strongest areas, and when it comes to durability and strength for a light shaft, this is a big advantage.

This is a great shaft for midfielders or attackmen who play and ride physically. It will stand up to the rigors of playing defense and throwing hard checks, but when you switch to offense you can still rip rope, dangle, and show out on the other side of the ball. The Union brings it all together in one place, and it’s a great option for the do-it-all grinders and it comes in classic silver, black, and gunmetal options.

Apollo Shaft from Maverik Lacrosse

The Apollo is Maverik’s lightest shaft, and it’s REALLY light. My first concern was that the shaft wouldn’t last very long, simply because it is so light, but to my surprise it held up well. For an offensive player looking to get the lightest shaft they can, the Apollo is a great option.

The Apollo shaft is part of Maverik’s “Speed Shape” line, meaning the two wider walls of the shaft on either side bow inwards. This allows for less metal to be used, and creates a unique shape that scorers like Joey Sankey have come to love. The shaft comes in a smooth finish or a bead blasted finish, and that extra level of choice is nice. The Apollo, like the Union shaft, also incorporates the dynamic wall taper of the shaft through the metal extrusion process, and this keeps the Apollo super light, but reinforced just enough in the right places.

Scorers, shooters, magicians – this Scandium Titanium alloy wand is for you and it comes in classic gold, silver, black, and gunmetal colors. I like options!

Caliber Shaft from Maverik Lacrosse

The Caliber shaft is Maverik’s strongest shaft. They sent me this d-pole to check out and while I feel like I could definitely do some damage with it, I was also impressed at just how the light the full length pole turned out to be. My first test of a pole is to bend it, I just can’t help myself, and when I did this with the Caliber, it really did not flex very much at all. As a former college defenseman, this made me happy. When I throw a check, I want it to stick, and I need it to matter. A stiff shaft helps my cause! There was nothing worse than a wet noodle for a pole.

The signature shape of the shaft is also interesting, as each of the four corners bow inwards at a 90 degree angle. This produces strength in the shaft design, but I also really like the feel of the indented corners, particularly for a longstick. The finish is bead blasted but feels relatively smooth, and once again, the graphics are toned down and classic.

The Caliber comes in silver or black so whether you’re looking to keep it light and classic or all black, you’re good to go. This shaft can help you hand out a good defensive beating, but it won’t hold you back one bit when you’re clearing the ball or pushing transition.

Final Thoughts

While all three of the shafts I reviewed are very different, they each maintain a couple of very important aspects when it comes to quality. Each is designed for a different purpose, and different player, but all three are stiff, strong, and very light. Each shaft design is clean and simple, and each one takes a military grade metal and applies it seamlessly to lacrosse. Add on the ABE (adjustable butt end) that comes with each shaft and we are talking about a really high-level, complete product.

Whether you’re a scorer looking for the lightest shaft out there, a grinder who does it all who wants a shaft that can do the same, or a defender looking to make a big impression, Maverik has a metal shaft that will match up with your needs.

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