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YOU Really Need To Read Mike Powell!

I was in college at the same time as Mike Powell, and while he was busy being a four-time 1st team attackman and attackman of the year (also winning two Tewaaraton Awards), I was just trying to throw good passes righty, and figure out how Mike did half the things he did on the field. In my eyes, even today, he is still the single best player to ever play college lacrosse. You can argue a bunch of other guys, and make strong points, but for me, MP is the once and future king of the D1 men’s game.

Powell went on to play for Team USA, and he played in the MLL, and then the LXM, but for a couple of reasons, he left the center stage of lacrosse stardom, pursued other aspects in life, and became a truly well-rounded individual. He paints, sings, makes videos, communes with nature, and now, he’s writing about lacrosse on, and surprise, surprise… his stories are excellent.

So far, Mike has written about some really important moments in time. His first entry focused on an encounter with Alfie Jacques, which re-awoke MP to his core. He also talks about playing in his backyard with his family, and how important that was. His preview of the UVA-Syracuse game was awesome, and a different take on a pre-game preview. His recent posts, Blood Brothers and Honorable Competitor, are must read articles.

While we were all sad to see MP depart from the arena of pro lacrosse, if these stories are what we get because of it, then I’m ok with it. We can always watch MP college highlights if we get too nostalgic.

Mike Powell College Highlights

At the end of the day, Mike Powell is writing important articles, and they are coming from a guy who was once, and still might be, the greatest college lacrosse player of all-time. He’s changed, grown, and matured, and now he’s sharing all that knowledge with you. Personally, I would make the time to read it all if I were you.

Plus there’s stuff like this, which is also awesome!

Snow game. Love it!