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Mikey Stolzenberg Goes Behind The Back

Mikey Stolzenberg’s story took the lacrosse world by storm last year. When people learned there was a 13 year old quadruple amputee playing lacrosse they were impressed. When they saw him play, and score a couple goals, they were amazed. Well, it doesn’t stop there because Stolzenberg is still at it, and he’s still wowing people left and right.

In this year’s Sockets and Pockets tournament, which is played to raise funds for Stolzenberg’s rehablitive trust and honor Mikey’s passion, Stolzenberg made a pretty incredible play, flicking the ball over his shoulder for a high to high behind the back goal.

The action starts at the 1:05 mark of the video below:

Mikey was 8 years old when he contracted a rare bacterial infection. His body went septic, and the doctors had to amputate his limbs in order to save his life. But that has not stopped Mikey Stolzenberg from playing lacrosse, and it’s a story we can’t hear about enough. Mikey’s courage, passion, and sheer willpower make him a shining example for the rest of us to follow. And his behind the back goal ain’t too shabby either!

Thanks to Brian Cost for the tip on this amazing goal!