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MICRO1 Mini Head Puts Lacrosse In Your Pocket

Nobody ever said not to create a mini lax head that’s 30% the size of a normal one. So, now we’re here, and it reminds us of the “Tech Deck” era – can you dig that?

Mini Lax Head - Micro 1

Lacrosse is a big sport, literally and figuratively. It’s growing rapidly across the world, and more and more people are playing and discovering the game. But it also takes up a lot of space – bags of equipment, massive sticks, large goals.

Wouldn’t it be easier if at least some part could be smaller?

Now anyone around the world is welcome to add our Micro1 mini lax head into their regular rotation.

Add it to your car antenna, or make it your new key-chain.

The Micro1 mini lax head has been designed especially for sidewall stalls and stick tricks, so don’t be surprised when you see younger kiddos with crazy moves in the future!

Babies. Toddlers. Kids love it so far! Easier to string than the standard head, that’s for sure.

Each Micro1 purchase comes with a Micro Ball and Micro Mesh stringing kit.