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MORE Photos Of The Week!

We found so many great pictures this week, today we’re giving you THREE for ONE! So magnanimous. We know.

This picture is at least 5 years old. The kid in the shot is in high school now at Mercer Island in Washington state, but he was only 12 and living in Perth, Australia when he perfected the dive shot. That is just impressive!

He dives, he shoots, he scores. A lot of poise for a 12 year old kid!

Matt Shields is Daniel Shields’ younger brother. Dan has instructed us on how to do an Iroquois top-string, been a fireside chatter and is currently playing up at Onondaga Community College (last year’s NJCAA National Champs).  Connor Wilson met these two Aussie lax rats back in 2001 when he was living down under.  And now Daniel is a National Champion.  The proof is in the rings (below).

The OCC Lazers show off their hardware. Blingy.

Max Seibald picked up some gifts from Nike recently and if we didn’t hate baseball we’d probably think they were the best thing since white bread.

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The Nike NY Yankees themed Trainer 1's WILL be VERY popular in NYC. No doubt.

And… more Nike stuff.  The new Lakota head, all strung up and as chromed out as possible.  This is Matt Schomburg‘s stick.  Schommy is a Fremantle, Australia native and he was a multi-time All-American middie at Adelphi and has represented Australia in the World Games.

The new Lakota head, designed for middies, in Chromeo.

Now when is this chrome trend going to die down? Probably not for a year (at least) when you consider the investment companies have now made in this direction.  We want to see pads with exposed chromed out hard plastic.  That, and team helmets have got to be next.

Odds Hopkins has some sort of chromey helmet this year? 2:1.

Finally, dope boots for winter. Antonio Maurizi boots from GiltMan. They sure are snazzy.

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