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Music Monday: Beats By Dan

Editor’s note: A good Music Monday requires one of two things: 1) a music genius, or 2) a young person. And since Connor is old and Jeff only listens to sports talk radio, we’ve enlisted the help of Dan Helfrich, a recent Indiana U graduate with a keen ear for the NEW NEW. Check out Dan’s Music Monday below and let us know what you think! It’s an improvement, right?

Hello everyone. Some fantastic new tunes dropped this weekend, and I hope you’ll all enjoy them as much as I do. Some of these artists you have most definitely heard of while perhaps others you haven’t. Nonetheless, they all make great music!

I’d like to start off with an up and coming producer named 3LAU. He’s releasing his first original track “Back To New” on April 30th on Beatport. What’s cool about this release is he is donating all of the proceeds from the song to Pencils of Promise.

3LAU producer

Not only will he donate the proceeds from Beatport, but he will also match those proceeds himself until a goal of $25,000 is reached. Awesome initiative in my opinion. Check out the video for it:

Now we’ll get into the music. Deadmau5 finally released a version of The Veldt after playing it over a Ustream session back in March. Hopefully he stays on this course for the future. Classic Deadmau5.

I first heard Wolfgang Gartner – Redline when I was watching Madeon’s set at Coachella. This is a smash.

Krewella is an EDM trio out of Chicago that are on their way up the charts. I had the good fortune of spending some time with them while they were touring in California. Great music by great people.

James Egbert – Blackhawk is a favorite of mine. Unsure of the difference between him and Mord Fustang, though.

Finally, everyone has heard of Madeon by now, but the dance video this guy made to The Night Out Remix is hilarious. Great song and GREAT dancing make for a phenomenal video.

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed some fun tracks. Have a great rest of your Monday!