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LCC Radotin box lacrosse arena outdoor Prague Czech Republic
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Countdown To Europe: Ales Hrebesky Box Lacrosse Tournament!

This evening I head to John F Kennedy Airport where I will meet up with some fellow Salt Shakerz on our way to the Czech Republic to play some box lacrosse!  Each year, the small town of Radotin hosts the Ales Hrebesky Memorial tournament, in honor of a former teammate and LCC Radotin club player, Ales Hrebesky, who was killed by a drunk driver back in the early 1990s.

The tournament draws teams from Canada, the US, England, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and more, and it is probably the biggest annual event for lacrosse on the European continent.  It’s definitely the biggest box lacrosse event anywhere outside of North America.

My Expectations

I’ve never been to Europe for lacrosse before, so this is definitely something new.  Most of my teammates have been there before, but I just can’t bring myself to trust their stories implicitly.  I’m expecting a great lacrosse scene, and I can’t wait to see the outdoor box field in the middle of town.  I’m also expecting the competition to be really good.

LCC Radotin box lacrosse arena outdoor Prague Czech Republic
What a field/floor!

When you head to one of the premier summer tourneys in the US, all the stars come out to play.  And I can’t see this event being any different.  I expect to see some of the best in Europe here, and I’m extremely excited for that.  If I can manage to make it through the week without getting my bell rung too badly, I’ll be even more excited!

From what I hear, the play is rough and tumble and Americans don’t get a lot of friendly calls.  I’ll try to break that curse with my wonderful smile.  Think that will get me anywhere?

How Can YOU Stay Up To Date?

I will, of course, be writing updates on the tournament.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide some information, photos and maybe even a little video each day.  But if that isn’t enough for you, the tourney has you MORE than covered.

In fact, if you wanted to watch EVERY single game from the tourney live online, you can!  Want to watch me get beat up legally by some European box lacrosse players?  Here’s your chance!

Net-TV is broadcasting the tourney games live online, or on TV, if you live in the Czech Republic.  It’s a great chance to watch some good box lacrosse, and see lax being played in another part of the world.  Plus, like I said, you can watch me get crosschecked.

Net TV live broadcast of Ales Hrebesky Memorial Tournament games.  Pretty awesome!

The Gear

What more can I say?  We’re going to look fresh out there on the floor.  Gear by Pro Athletics is top notch, my Thailand lacrosse bag is brimming with lax stuff and clothing, and my new Nike Air Max shoes have been broken in and are ready to rock.  I feel like I packed everything.  Guess I’ll find out if I did or not when I get there!  Top priority right now?  Don’t lose my passport in the next 5 hours.

prague box lacrosse gear salt shakerz
NIKE Air Max 2012
Taking care of my feet...

I’ve been to Europe before, but never to play lacrosse, which is weird.  I’ve played lacrosse on 3 continents now (North America, Asia and Australia) and I’m excited for Europe to be my fourth via a HUGE box lacrosse tourney!

Have YOU been to Prague before?  Are you going/there this year?  What can I expect to see?  What can our readers expect to see?  Should we put in a team next year?