Music Monday: Pocket Piano From Critter And Guitari

Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano
The Green Pocket Piano...
Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano

The Green Pocket Piano...

I went to Critter And Guitari‘s ONOMONO Party at the Cristin Tierney Gallery in Chelsea (that’s in Manhattan for those who don’t know NYC) this weekend and I’m definitely feeling their Pocket Pianos right now, especially as a last minute holiday gift..  Basically, the Pocket Piano allows you to make sweet electonic music and can be hooked up to your computer or other musical equipment.  It’s a small device full of artistic tone and reverb power, and the performances at the ONOMONO Party, which all used the Pocket Piano, really impressed me… I do love some electronic music!

It was cool to see successful artists, like two members of Au Revoir Simone, perform with the Pocket Pianos, and the party was a collection of cool.  There were also PPs on all the walls so the guests could mess around with them when performances weren’t taking place.  It was all very artsy and very well done.  I had a blast and it was cool to see all of the other performances as well.  This is why I love NYC!

Au Revoir Simone ONOMONO Party Pocket Piano

Two members of Au Revour Simone performing.

If you’re struggling to find that original gift right now, and you know someone who loves music, the Pocket Piano is a definite winner.  Whether you go original, Green, or MIDI, you’ll be happy.  And the Kaleidoloop is also pretty awesome.  It has a small microphone  and will take sounds and distort them for looped playback.  It’s another super cool music device!  If interested, you can find all these products in Critter and Guitari’s Online Store.

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