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NALL Championship Highlight Video

Remember how our championship preview brought up some points that could make you think the Kentucky Stickhorses were ready to pull off the big upset? How the Boston Rockhoppers were finally showing some signs of vulnerability? How maybe, just maybe, the Stickhorses had discovered the secret to beating them?

Yeah, about that.

The Boston Rockhoppers set a new league record for most goals in a game, beating the Stickhorses 25-13 last weekend in Louisville. The Stickhorses scored first, but once Boston’s Mike Stone answered with a goal of his own, Kentucky never led or tied again. Boston went into the locker room up 13-6, and they maintained a double-digit lead for a good chunk of the second half.

Mike Stone (Middlebury) led all scorers with six goals (including three in the first quarter) and was named Championship MVP. We’re going to take a closer look at the NALL’s first full season a little later on, but for now, enjoy the highlights of the Championship Game, courtesy of Bluegrass Video.

Congrats to the Rockhoppers for winning the NALL in Year one!