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NCAA D1 SUPER Rundown – Weeks 5 & 6

I know that many of you were heartbroken by not having the D1 Rundown last week so I’m making up for it with an NCAA D1 SUPER Rundown.

I know that many of you were heartbroken by not having the D1 Rundown last week so I’m making up for it with an NCAA D1 SUPER Rundown. I’m impressed that we could all get through this difficult period of our lives together so well. It really shows how tightly knit the lacrosse community is and how we can rally together as needed.

For everyone else, yeah I didn’t get this published last week and you probably didn’t notice. It’s OK. But as a reward (punishment, maybe), I am making up for it. I give you: The NCAA D1 Rundown for weeks 5 AND 6. In one post! That’s the benefit of doing review articles is it means you can just review more than one week at a time. Get ready for more numbers than an reasonable person wants to sort through:

NCAA D1 SUPER Rundown Scoreboard

Tuesday 2/28
13 Hartford vs. Manhattan 14 2 OT
12 Rutgers vs. Wagner 5
14 Sacred Heart vs. Lafayette 10
7 UMass Lowell vs. Fairfield 8
9 VMI vs. Delaware 15
11 Dartmouth vs. Vermont 9
13 Drexel vs. Villanova 15
12 Boston U. vs. Bryant 9
20 Hofstra vs. NJIT 4

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Wednesday 3/1
17 Albany vs. UMass 8
5 St. John’s vs. Saint Joseph’s 8
7 Towson vs. Loyola 11
18 Virginia vs. High Point 12

Thursday 2/28
6 Mercer vs. Michigan 11

Friday 2/28
18 Princeton vs. Johns Hopkins 7
13 Detroit Mercy vs. Bellarmine 10
6 Marquette vs. Ohio State 12

Saturday 3/4
7 Wagner vs. Dartmouth 6 2OT
9 Denver vs. North Carolina 13
14 Army vs. Lafayette 4
8 Boston U. vs. Air Force 6
9 Georgetown vs. Hofstra 11
15 Hartford vs. Jacksonville 3
8 NJIT vs. Quinnipiac 11
16 Loyola vs. Holy Cross 9
5 Notre Dame vs. Maryland 4
14 Penn State vs. Penn 13
6 UMBC vs. Towson 8
7 Cleveland State vs. Canisius 17
5 Furman vs. Michigan 7
6 Manhattan vs. Saint Joseph’s 18
11 Marist vs. Drexel 7
7 Monmouth vs. UMass Lowell 6
8 Providence vs. Sacred Heart 10
9 Stony Brook vs. Fairfield 6
13 Rutgers vs. Brown 11
13 Navy vs. Bucknell 7
10 Villanova vs. Delaware 13
13 Harvard vs. Vermont 10
7 Hampton vs. Greensboro 5

Sunday 3/5
12 Binghamton vs. Hobart 6
14 Ohio State vs. Bellarmine 11
8 Richmond vs. Duke 9
14 Syracuse vs. Virginia 13
6 Yale vs. Bryant 9
5 Colgate vs. Lehigh 11
6 Cornell vs. Albany 17
12 Siena vs. St. John’s 13
8 Marquette vs. Detroit Mercy 6
7 High Point vs. Robert Morris 9

Tuesday 3/7
12 Georgetown vs. Robert Morris 7
12 Penn State vs. Furman 10
5 Siena vs. Binghamton 10
12 Delaware vs. Manhattan 9
15 Brown vs. Villanova 17
11 Penn vs. Navy 9
11 Wagner vs. VMI 8
17 Princeton vs. Quinnipiac 13
9 Yale vs. UMass 11

Wednesday 3/8
13 Colgate vs. Hobart 6

Friday 3/10
10 Wagner vs. Hampton 3
6 Saint Joseph’s vs. Monmouth 5 OT
7 Drexel vs. Bryant 5
17 Rutgers vs. Stony Brook 4
7 NJIT vs. Mercer 10

Saturday 3/11
13 Air Force vs. Detroit Mercy 8
7 Bellarmine vs. Mount St. Mary’s 18
15 Duke vs. Loyola 7
12 Harvard vs. Penn State 15
7 Robert Morris vs. Marquette 14
13 Towson vs. Johns Hopkins 8
8 Bucknell vs. Holy Cross 10
9 Lafayette vs. Navy 8
6 Manhattan vs. UMass Lowell 13
4 Marist vs. UMBC 6
13 Michigan vs. Penn 12
12 Ohio State vs. Cleveland State 4
17 Providence vs. High Point 8
8 St. John’s vs. Syracuse 9
11 Yale vs. Fairfield 10 2 OT
6 Hobart vs. Georgetown 16
4 Lehigh vs. Army 6
9 North Carolina vs. Hofstra 11
13 Richmond vs. VMI 8
10 Sacred Heart vs. Vermont 11
9 Delaware vs. Binghamton 13
19 Virginia vs. Cornell 18 OT
9 Quinnipiac vs. Hartford 11

Sunday 3/12
5 Wagner vs. Mercer 6
11 Denver vs. Notre Dame 10
12 Drexel vs. Saint Joseph’s 8

The Stat Freaks

This section will once again be back to highlight some of the best performances from the week. Each category has a specific range we’re looking for. It’s just fun to highlight some of the gaudy performances out there.

Freak of the Week: This is weird. The last rundown featured Cornell’s goalie Christian Knight. It’s weird because I’m actually going with another Big Red player this week. You would think that of any team who would get two players with “freakish” stat lines, it would not be a team that is 0-4 with losses by 10, 8, 11, and 1 points. Even more so, you would not expect it to be a goalie and an attackman from that team. But, that is college lacrosse in 2017 in a nutshell. Things that make no sense wind up making perfect sense.

The Freak of the Week for me right now is Jeff Teat from Cornell for his 5 goal, 6 assist performance out in California against UVA. Showcase game, overtime, streaming on YouTube, outplaying expectations, and turning in the best single game point total in the country this year as a Freshman? Yeah, that works for me. Anyone who watched Teat play Canada last Summer in the U19 games is not shocked. Keep an eye on JT, he’s a baller.

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Week 1

Parker Giarrantana – Manhattan: 5G, 2A
Josh Byrne – Hofstra: 7G, 2A
Max Tuttle – Sacred Heart: 6G, 1A
Ben French – Vermont: 5G, 2A
Connor Fields – Albany (NY): 3G, 5A
Michael Kraus – Virginia: 2G, 5A
Austin Sims – Princeton: 6G, 1A
Nate Jones – Army West Point: 6G, 1A
Jeff Edwards – Canisius: 4G, 3A
Dylan Jinks – Hartford: 3G, 4A
Pat Spencer – Loyola Maryland: 1G, 9A
Mike Reilly – Siena: 4G, 3A
Connor Fields – Albany (NY): 5G, 3A

Week 2

Tom Moore – Binghamton: 4G, 3A
Austin Sims – Princeton: 6G, 1A
Jack Curran – Villanova: 4G, 4A
Christian Cuccinello – Villanova: 4G, 4A
Tom Moore – Binghamton: 4G, 3A
Daniel Bucaro – Georgetown: 6G, 2A
Nick Hatzipetrakos – Providence: 5G, 3A
Jeff Teat – Cornell: 5G, 6A
Mike D’Amario – Virginia: 5G, 3A

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Week 1

Nick Albanese – Sacred Heart: 8GB, 2CT
Ryan O’Donoghue – Sacred Heart: 5GB, 4CT
James Leary – Vermont: 6GB, 4CT
Timmy Burke – Dartmouth: 6GB, 2CT
George Christopher – Dartmouth: 11GB, 9 Saves
Kyle Clampitt – Dartmouth: 5GB, 4CT
Michael Rexrode – Rutgers: 5GB, 3CT
Kyle Pless – Rutgers: 5GB, 3CT
Griff Caligiuri – High Point: 6GB, 2CT
Tim Troutner – High Point: 6GB, 2CT
Ryan Conrad – Virginia: 6GB, 2CT
Dominick Calisto – Boston U.: 6GB, 3CT
Larken Kemp – Brown: 6GB, 2CT
JJ Ntshaykolo – Brown: 6GB, 2CT
Alex Bronzo – Rutgers: 5GB, 5CT
Jonathan Butler – Harvard: 4GB, 4CT
Jack Carrigan – Loyola Maryland: 5GB, 3CT
Garrett Epple – Notre Dame: 6GB, 4CT
Will Puduski – UMass Lowell: 7GB, 3CT
Adam Bellamy – Quinnipiac: 7GB, 3CT
Tate Boyce – Providence: 9GB, 1CT
Billy O’Hara – UMBC: 6GB, 2CT
Timmy Burke – Dartmouth: 7GB, 3CT
Andrew Park – Wagner: 6GB, 3CT
Danny Norris – Lehigh: 5GB, 3CT
Brandon Salvatore – Cornell: 6GB, 3CT
Brendan Hynes – Richmond: 5GB, 4CT

Week 2

Ryan Ghaderi – Siena: 5GB, 3CT
Matt Olbrich – Delaware: 6GB, 2CT
Michael Mayer – Georgetown: 9GB, 2CT
Larken Kemp – Brown: 7GB, 1CT
TJ Comizio – Villanova: 7GB, 3CT
Austin Smith – Saint Joseph’s: 7GB, 2CT
Michael Rexrode – Rutgers: 4GB, 4CT
Brandon Jones – Air Force: 8GB, 3CT
Craig Chick – Lehigh: 8GB, 4CT
Will McCarthy – Lafayette: 7GB, 1CT
James Farrell – Penn: 5GB, 4CT
Claude Bradshaw – Hartford: 4GB, 4CT
Nick Albanese – Sacred Heart: 7GB, 1CT
Ryan O’Donoghue – Sacred Heart: 3GB, 5CT
Tyler Mayes – Towson: 3GB, 5CT
Ralph Faiella – Marist: 5GB, 3CT
Cam Hult – UMass Lowell: 5GB, 3CT
Will Puduski – UMass Lowell: 6GB, 4CT
Brendan Hynes – Richmond: 7GB, 5CT
A.J. Lapitino – Richmond: 6GB, 2CT
Brandon Salvatore – Cornell: 7GB, 1CT
Ryan Conrad – Virginia: 11GB

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Week 1

Kyle Gallagher – Hofstra: 22/25
Will Fox – Fairfield: 14/19
Crosby Matthews – Delaware: 14/19
Joe Francisco – Rutgers: 12/16
TD Irelan – Albany (NY): 20/28
Danny Manning – Saint Joseph’s: 11/15
Jason Murphy – Virginia: 15/18
Zach Currier – Princeton: 15/19
Jake Withers – Ohio St.: 16/21
Peter Tagliaferri – Georgetown: 13/18
Graham Savio – Loyola Maryland: 20/28
Gerard Arceri – Penn St.: 24/31
Will Vitelli – Quinnipiac: 19/22
Danny Manning – Saint Joseph’s: 13/18
Jake Froccaro – Villanova: 13/18
Conor Gaffney – Lehigh: 16/20
Christian Feliziani – Ohio St.: 9/12
Jake Withers – Ohio St.: 13/16
TD Irelan – Albany (NY): 15/21

Week 2

Brady Dove – Navy: 15/19
Billy Lombardi – Penn St.: 10/13
Kenny Massa – Bryant: 12/16
Danny Manning – Saint Joseph’s: 13/15
Joe Francisco – Rutgers: 14/19
Jarett Witzal – Bucknell: 15/21
Conor Mackie – Yale: 20/25
Dan Grabher – Army West Point: 10/14
Gerard Arceri – Penn St.: 22/29
Alex George – Providence: 20/25
Dylan Protesto – Hartford: 17/24
Charlie Erdmann – Vermont: 18/23
Peter Moran – Richmond: 18/24
Kiel Brennan – Mercer: 10/12
Trevor Baptiste – Denver: 19/24

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Week 1

Jack Concannon – Hofstra: 6/8
Kyle Gallagher – Hofstra: 22/25
Christian Carson-Banister – Boston U.: 17/23
Joshua Tarver – Hampton: 15/20
Dan Morris – Maryland: 13/18
Tommy Heidt – Michigan: 12/17

Week 2

T.J. Jones – Saint Joseph’s: 14/19
AJ Barretto – Army West Point: 12/16
Bradley Hodoval – Mercer: 14/19
Matt Sefcik – Wagner: 15/21

The Big Upsets and Surprises

  • 18 Princeton vs. Johns Hopkins 7: This was the game heard around the world. Hopkins walked into this game looking unbeatable. Princeton had lost a game to Hofstra, but they were still fairly unknown. This game really exposed Hopkins in a way that didn’t even seem possible. Princeton is now a contender for the Ivy tournament, when they seemed almost lucky to play for the fourth spot early on.
  • 9 Denver vs. North Carolina 13: North Carolina had been embarrassed by Hopkins at home before this game and really needed to prove a point. But just winning would have proved it. Even being close could have. Beating Denver by 4 and controlling the entire game from start to finish made it clear that the Tar Heels can definitely still play.
  • 5 Notre Dame vs. Maryland 4: With Denver losing, this game was really the battle for number 1. A strong defensive effort is hardly a surprise from either program. Maryland has been trying to be a high scoring team much more in the past two season, but the Irish have a way of bring everyone back down to earth.
  • 14 Penn State vs. Penn 13: Penn was riding high into this game and this matchup was deservedly getting plenty of hype. It did not disappoint one bit. Penn State’s offense overcame a Quaker defense which had reeled in UVA’s fast paced attack the week prior. Penn State is for real.
  • 7 Hampton vs. Greensboro 5: Yes, Greensboro is a division III team, but this game still marked Hampton’s first win as a program, which is a huge milestone no matter what. Hampton is not going for a trial by fire intro like Cleveland State or Michigan.
  • 8 Richmond vs. Duke 9: Duke entered this game as an underdog, which still is ridiculous to me. There is still no way in my mind that Duke shouldn’t be favored against Richmond yet, but that is the world we live in. Richmond is a very good lacrosse team and has set the gold standard on how you do not need to take your time when creating a new program. But Duke is still Duke.
  • 14 Syracuse vs. Virginia 13: This game lived up to expectations that come with all good rivalry games. These two teams have been splitting their series record, point totals, and seemingly every statistically category right down the middle for years. Cuse won on a last second shot, but it was the type of game that creates fans.
  • 6 Yale vs. Bryant 9 & 9 Yale vs. UMass 11: For me, these two games were more about Yale losing than Bryant or UMass winning. This is when I hate to admit that I had Yale in my preseason poll at number 4. 4. As in…4. Yale is just so inconsistent this year. They have great players and a great coach. But they can really just not show up for games and it’s an alarming trend.
  • 17 Rutgers vs. Stony Brook 4: Stony Brook was making some noise in the poll right before this game and then Rutgers happened. The Scarlet Knights are starting to look like real contenders, and not just for the Big Ten title. If they keep things going at this rate, you do not want to be playing this team in May.
  • 12 Harvard vs. Penn State 15: Both teams were undefeated heading into this game, but Penn State was really in the driver’s seat for most of it. Harvard rallied and made it much closer, which is their calling card. They have the ability to score fast, but Penn State had just built up way too much of a lead.
  • 13 Towson vs. Johns Hopkins 8: Towson handed Hopkins their second loss in a row and established themselves of deserving of that top 20 attention they have been getting. For Hopkins, they are now on a two game skid with Syracuse coming to town. Towson has Ohio State and Denver lined up next, so their resume could keep growing.
  • 8 Bucknell vs. Holy Cross 10: Holy Cross is making another big jump in the Patriot League and this game was a big part of it. The ‘Saders topped the Bisons for the first time in school history. Bucknell is questionable this year, but they’re not bad. Holy Cross looks like they may have turned the corner as a program.
  • 13 Michigan vs. Penn 12: This was a shocker. There’s no other way to say it. Penn had been getting top 10 votes in the poll, and then they go and lose to Michigan. This is without question the biggest win in Michigan’s history, and shows they are well on their way to competing in the Big Ten. The real winner here was lacrosse. Well, Michigan was the real winner, but you know what I mean.
  • 9 North Carolina vs. Hofstra 11: North Caroline was feeling great after that Denver win, and then lost to Hofstra. Hofstra? Yup. The team that is Princeton’s only loss, who blew out Hopkins who blew out UNC. Those boys on the island are looking like real contenders right now.
  • 19 Virginia vs. Cornell 18 OT: This game was a treat. Cornell came out of nowhere with this performance and almost pulled off the huge upset. UVA has been in way too many close games this year, but this was a surprise. Cornell needs to prove that this was not a fluke to be taken seriously, though.
  • 11 Denver vs. Notre Dame 10: Denver stole this win on a last second diving goal that was nothing short of amazing. This has been a great matchup for the past few seasons and this game was no exception.

Conference Comparison

The Big Ten is starting to come down to earth a little bit, but not by much. What is really interesting is seeing the America East as high as they are behind the surprises of Stony Brook and Binghamton riding one loss records along with Albany.

Record % # of Teams
Big Ten 35-4 0.897 6
ACC 20-7 0.740 5
America East 21-17 0.553 7
Colonial 19-16 0.543 6
Ivy 15-17 0.469 7
Patriot 15-17 0.469 9
Big East 17-18 0.486 6
Northeast 21-25 0.457 7
Southern 16-31 0.340 8
MAAC 14-28 0.333 7

Weekend Games to Watch

This week, there are a couple matchups that really have my eye:

Loyola vs. Navy – This was a much bigger game a few weeks ago, but it is still a big Patriot League matchup. Navy’s season has officially run aground (thanks to my Twitter followers for choosing that description, and Loyola has not been playing like the final four team from a year ago. Both would love a win to get back on track in their conference.

Penn vs. Princeton – This might be a game of the week in some circles. Penn is coming off a big loss to Michigan, something that could hardly have been expected by anyone.  Princeton is now fighting to take control of the enigmatic Ivy League. This should be a great matchup.

Yale vs. Cornell – Speaking of the Ivies, this one may not carry the weight of the previous game, but Yale is in serious freefall while Cornell is looking like a team back from the dead. The Big Red season was all but written off before an overtime thriller in California against UVA. Now this game looks like it could be a close one.

Holy Cross vs. Army – Army is now a top 10 team with only a loss to Rutgers. That puts them squarely in the driver’s seat of the Patriot league right now. Holy Cross is still a program going through a rebirth under Judd Lattimore. They are coming off their first ever program win over Bucknell and are riding high. This is conference dominance vs. relevance at its finest.

Johns Hopkins vs. Syracuse – Does this game really need any description? Watch it.

Virginia vs. Notre Dame – ACC matchup as UVA is still in search of its first ACC win since 2014. Notre Dame lost a tough game at the last second to Denver, so they are not going to go easy on the Wahoos at all. Virginia wants to play fast, take chances, and score in transition. If they can do that, they have a great chance to win, but it’s no promise at all. If they try to grind out 6v6 sets, Notre Dame would be more than happy to oblige.

Ohio State vs. Denver – IF Ohio State stays undefeated and beats Towson during the week, this will be an epic matchup to see if the Buckeyes really have earned a seat at the big kids table or if their record is just a symptom of an easy schedule. I hope it’s the first option because the more quality teams there are in the country, the better.

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