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2018 FIL Lacrosse Photos FIL Results
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NEW Day 9 Lines, Day 8 FIL Results

As the FIL results come in, the old line results are published and updated, and BRAND NEW lines for tomorrow’s game are also created! Is your squad going to overcome the spread? Can you eek out a surprise win? 96 games out 107 predicted correctly is pretty darn good, but I’m trying to get that number up further with the right calls through the end of the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships!

Stay up to date on TODAY’s lacrosse lines, and all of the daily FIL results, HERE!

Have you been watching games on ESPN channels and ESPN+? You really should be!

Day 8 Lines – FIL Results

Games where I picked the winner correctly will be highlighted in BOLD. Games where I got the winner wrong will be highlighted in RED. Games where I predict a score within 2 goals are BOLD on the right. Day 7 results, then Day 8 predictions and game lines!

China Vs Colombia – CHI by 5.5 goals – China won 14-6, beating the spread by 2.5 goals
Luxembourg Vs Taiwan – TAI by .5 goals – Taiwan won 12-4, beating the spread
Croatia Vs Bermuda – BER by 6.5 goals – Bermuda won 10-1, beating the spread by 2.5 goals
Czech Republic Vs Belgium – CZE by 6.5 goals – The Czechs won 10-8. Belgium covered
Jamaica Vs Switzerland – JAM by 7.5 goals – Jamaica won 12-6. The Swiss covered by 1.5 goals
Turkey Vs Mexico – MEX by 6.5 goals – Mexico won 14-8. Turkey covered by .5 goals
Hong Kong Vs Poland – HK by .5 goals – Hong Kong won 16-5, beating the spread
Sweden Vs Argentina – SWE by .5 goals – Sweden won 11-4, beating the spread
Hungary Vs Spain – SPA by 2.5 goals – Hungary won 9-8, covering with a win!
Norway Vs Austria – NOR by .5 goals – Norway won 14-5, beating the spread
Iroquois Vs Puerto Rico – IRO by 1.5 goals – Iroquois won 14-7, beating the spread
Wales Vs Latvia – LAT by .5 goals – Wales won 10-9, covering with a win, by 1.5 goals
Greece Vs New Zealand – GRE by 1.5 goals – Greece won 12-11. NZ covered by .5 goals
England Vs Ireland – ENG by 4.5 goals – England won 11-10. Ireland covered by 3.5 goals
Australia Vs Israel – ISR by .5 goals – Australia won 9-6, and covered with a win!
Russia Vs Peru – PER by 1.5 goals – Russia won 15-8, and covered with a win!
Uganda Vs Korea – KOR by 1.5 goals – Korea won 12-4, beating the spread by 6.5 goals
Scotland Vs Japan – SCO by 1.5 goals – Japan won 11-7, and covered with a win!

Talk about a rough day of picking games! I got 5 games right and within predicted margins, but I also got 5 games flat out wrong! Hungary continues to be a team I struggle to read well, and Wales won a close game I thought could go either way. I had Israel to upset Australia but the Aussies used all their FIL savvy to outplay the host nation and make me look a little silly. Oi Oi Oi. I should have known, having played there way back when. Japan also proved that yesterday was an aberration, and their quest to get back into the Blue Pool is still alive and well! I love being wrong when it’s all on the line. Huge wins today for every team that came out with the W.

I went 13-5 with my picks today, bringing my record to 109 correct out of 125 predicted, and now I’m sitting at 87% correct. So far. There is hope still! I need a great day tomorrow.

Now remember, there is no Blue Division anymore – now it’s just playoff games, final seeding games, and the Championship – but there is a TON of lacrosse still to be played – over two FULL days producing more exciting FIL results. Loving it all.

Thursday July 19th FIL Lacrosse Lines

Lines will be updated as the matches for tomorrow are set. Check back for new lines throughout the day and night!

Turkey Vs Taiwan – TUR by 3.5 goals
Poland Vs Belgium – BEL by .5 goals
Italy Vs Wales – WAL by .5 goals
Hong Kong Vs Czech Republic – CZE by 2.5 goals
Argentina Vs Spain – ARG by .5 goals
Finland Vs Jamaica – JAM by 1.5 goals
Denmark Vs Korea – DEN by 1.5 goals
Sweden Vs Hungary – SWE by .5 goals
Germany Vs Ireland – IRE by 4.5 goals
Slovakia Vs New Zealand – SLO by .5 goals
China Vs Croatia – CHI by 8.5 goals
Philippines Vs Scotland – PHI by .5 goals
Bermuda Vs Korea – BER by 3.5 goals
Netherlands Vs Austria – AUS by .5 goals
Canada Vs Iroquois – CAN by 6.5 goals
Switzerland Vs Norway – NOR by .5 goals
France Vs Russia – RUS by 1.5 goals
Israel Vs Japan – ISR by 1.5 goals
USA Vs Australia – USA by 16.5 goals
Latvia Vs Greece – GRE by .5 goals
Mexico Vs Uganda – MEX by 7.5 goals
Puerto Rico Vs England – PR by 1.5 goals