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Sidney Crosby NHL penguins playing lacrosse with Minnesota swarm
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NHL Star Sidney Crosby Suits Up as NLL Goalie

What if one of the brightest stars in the NHL crossed over to the NLL?

It may look a lot like this….

Browsing through the Swarm’s Facebook page today, I caught a few pictures that caught my eye. NHL poster boy, Sid Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, suited up in some hockey goalie gear, and jumped on the carpet to face some shots before the Swarm game this evening.

The Pens play the Wild tomorrow, so since they were in Chicago last night, they came to Minnesota a day early. I’m guessing a few of the Canadians might try to sneak a peek at the game tonight.

Comments from the Swarm fans include mixed reactions:

Awesome!….Vomit!…..Sign him, maybe we will start winning!

Watch the Swarm face the Knighthawks at 8:30 EST, tonight on The Lacrosse Network.