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Nick Marrocco Going Offsides
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Nick Marrocco Provides a Look Inside the Cannons

Cannons LC goalie and all-around good guy Nick Marrocco joined the podcast this week and gave some great insight into the new-look Cannons.


Coming off of the bye week, we felt the need to selfishly fill the PLL void in our lives early and chat with goaltender extraordinaire Nick Marrocco. Nick, formerly of the Boston Cannons and now Cannons LC, is a comfortable place. When transitioning to the PLL, his coach didn’t change, his team name barely changed, and he was able to hold on to teammate and world-class D-mid Zach Goodrich.

While the transition to the PLL may have been more comfortable for Marrocco than many (he is tied for highest save % in the league at 60%), he is quick to note that this iteration of the Cannons is still a work in progress. Despite beating what increasingly appears to be a solid Waterdogs team and taking the reigning two-time champion Whipsnakes to overtime, Nick is quick to mention how much better this team can be.

Nick Marrocco
Nick Marrocco makes a great save on the doorstep. (Photo: Lax All Stars/Ryan Conwell)

He Doesnt shy away from tough questions

To be frank, we didn’t know Nick personally before the interview, but as we got to know him, we quickly learned he wasn’t going to shy away from a tough question, so we asked him as many as we could:

What’s it like playing with Lyle Thompson instead of against him?

Has Brodie Merrill brought the type of presence to the defense that we think he has?

How good is Chris Hogan in your eyes?

Does anyone in the PLL even ride?

How does your PLL experience compare to the MLL?

Why is Georgetown good again?

Sure, I could give you the answers to all of these questions, but then what motivation would you have to check out the full episode linked above?