Saskatchewan Rush vs Calgary Roughnecks NLL Social Media Photo: Josh Schaefer
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NLL Social Media Database! 300+ Instagram & Twitter Handles

Lacrosse is a special sport. The barrier of entry to the game is at an all-time low and accessibility to the top players is at an all-time high. Superstars are just a few taps on a smartphone away, thanks mostly to social media! Don’t get me started on what it’s actually like to get a “favorite” or “retweet” from our idols. Just by engaging directly with the audience on a one-to-one level, these NLL social media heroes are creating lifelong fans.

Want to find out how small the lacrosse world really is? Start by following your favorite NLL athletes on Twitter and Instagram. We put in the effort to find each and every player’s Twitter and Instagram handles (if they have one), so you can stay dialed in to what happens on and off of the floor!

Before you dig through the database, find out who’s running the NLL social media game!

All numbers and rosters lasted updated on 4/11/2017.



Instagram Top 10

  1. Lyle Thompson – 60.3k
  2. Miles Thompson – 41.1k
  3. Jeremy Thompson – 22.1k
  4. Hiana Thompson – 15.2k
  5. Bill O’Brien – 10.5k
  6. Kevin Buchanan – 8,572
  7. Tom Schreiber – 8,721
  8. Mark Matthews – 8,358
  9. Randy Staats – 6,482
  10. Aaron Bold – 5,875



Twitter Top 10

  1. Lyle Thompson – 15.6k
  2. Miles Thompson – 11.2k
  3. Brodie Merrill – 7,143
  4. Jeremy Thompson – 6,543
  5. Cody Jamieson (IR) – 5,562
  6. Kevin Crowley – 5,492
  7. Mark Matthews – 5,354
  8. Zack Greer – 4,632
  9. Ryan Benesch – 3,826
  10. Nick Rose – 3,469



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NLL Social Media Database

Player Team Twitter Instagram
Smith, Billy Dee Buffalo Bandits black_dee3
Will, Adam Buffalo Bandits @adam5will
Brownell, Kevin Buffalo Bandits
Steenhuis, Mark Buffalo Bandits Steenhuis_9
de Snoo, Mitch Buffalo Bandits
Brock, David Buffalo Bandits dbrock17 @dbrock1313
Bennett, Matthew Buffalo Bandits sweetupbenben @sweetupbenben
Benesch, Ryan Buffalo Bandits beniboi21 @beniboi21
Martin, Justin Buffalo Bandits @jmarrt
Watt, Andrew Buffalo Bandits AWatt22 @awatt22lax
Priolo, Steve Buffalo Bandits stevepriolo23 @stevepriolo
Jones, Mitch Buffalo Bandits MitchJones74 @mitchjones4
Saunders, Pat Buffalo Bandits 14patsaunders @patsaunders14
Edwards, Tim Buffalo Bandits @timedwards_3
Cosmo, Anthony Buffalo Bandits cozzy44 @acosmo44
DiRuscio, Davide Buffalo Bandits @davediruscio
Hill, Alex Kedoh Buffalo Bandits AKH66 @kedohh
England, Craig Buffalo Bandits englandcraig @englandcraig1
Smith, Dhane Buffalo Bandits dhanesmith92 @dhanesmith92
Malcom, Anthony Buffalo Bandits
Weiss, Nick Buffalo Bandits Weisser03 @weisser44
Point, Craig Buffalo Bandits cpoint9
Riorden, Blaze Buffalo Bandits tweetball7 @blazeriorden10
Dickson, Curtis Calgary Roughnecks curtisdickson17 @curtisdickson17
Dobbie, Dane Calgary Roughnecks
Shattler, Jeff Calgary Roughnecks shattler77 @jshattler
Berg, Wesley Calgary Roughnecks wes_berg @wesleyberg14
Digby, Tyler Calgary Roughnecks tdigby_7 @tdigby7
Loewen, Riley Calgary Roughnecks loewen10 @loewen10
Cattoni, Holden Calgary Roughnecks cattoni99 @cattoni99
Bell, Tyson Calgary Roughnecks UnrealFlow44 @unrealflow44
MacRae, Dan Calgary Roughnecks DanyMac88 @danny_mac88
Manning, Curtis Calgary Roughnecks
Burton, Tyler Calgary Roughnecks RealBurtsy7 @burtsy7
Scigliano, Frank Calgary Roughnecks Sciggs92 @sciggs92
Cummings, Chad Calgary Roughnecks
Harnett, Greg Calgary Roughnecks giginetts11 @gnetts11
Carnegie, Mike Calgary Roughnecks mikecarnegie
Carnegie, Scott Calgary Roughnecks scarnegie22 @scarnegie24
McIntosh, Garrett Calgary Roughnecks TheMrMcIntosh @garrettmcintosh25
Del Bianco, Christian Calgary Roughnecks cdelbianco35 @cdelbianco35
Snider, Bob Calgary Roughnecks bsnides41
Wilde, Mitch Calgary Roughnecks puckwilde41
Leung, Karsen Calgary Roughnecks KLeung10 @karsleung21
Reid, Creighton Calgary Roughnecks
Harris, Vaugh Calgary Roughnecks vonage28 @vonagetop1
Sullivan, Josh Colorado Mammoth sulli07 @joshsullivan4
Downing, Greg Colorado Mammoth
Stuart, Taylor Colorado Mammoth @t.stuie
Gajic, Ilija Colorado Mammoth ilz15 @ilijagajic
Wardle, Chris Colorado Mammoth @chriswardle17
Hope, Robert Colorado Mammoth hopey_15
Holding, Cameron Colorado Mammoth CamHolding19 @camholding
Ruest, Jacob Colorado Mammoth JacobRuest @jacobruest
Gilles, Jordan Colorado Mammoth jordan_gilles @jordangilles
Buque, Alex Colorado Mammoth alex_buque @abuque27
Adams, Brent Colorado Mammoth @brentadamsco
Noble, Jeremy Colorado Mammoth jeremynoble45 @jeremynoble45
Coates, Dan Colorado Mammoth dcoates37 @dcoates37
Ward, Dillon Colorado Mammoth DillWard37 @dillward37
McLaughlin, Eli Colorado Mammoth LigerMcLaughlin @ligermclaughlin
Keogh, Stephen Colorado Mammoth SKeogh28 @skeogh28
Cupido, Joey Colorado Mammoth joecup82
Greer, Zack Colorado Mammoth ZackGreer88 @zackgreer88
Sweeting, Bryce Colorado Mammoth brycetweeting12 @brycesweeting
Crawford, Callum Colorado Mammoth callum9eight  @callum98crawford
Grant, John Colorado Mammoth JohnGrantJr24
Self, Brad Colorado Mammoth BradSelf25 @bradself25
Ossello, Nick Colorado Mammoth nickossello @nossello
Thompson, Miles Georgia Swarm miles2thompson @miles74thompson
Thompson, Lyle Georgia Swarm lyle4thompson @lyle4thompson
Crepinsek, Alex Georgia Swarm a_crep10 @alexcrep
Sellars, Connor Georgia Swarm nickossello @connorsellars13
Hall, Jordan Georgia Swarm Hallsy44 @hallsy44
Thompson, Jerome Georgia Swarm hiana22thompson @hiana22thompson
MacIntosh, Jordan Georgia Swarm jmacintosh24 @jmacintosh24
Stouros, Leo Georgia Swarm @leostouros_13
Poulin, Mike Georgia Swarm mpthirty @mpthirty
Ranagan, John Georgia Swarm JohnRanagan31 @johnranagan31
Jackson, Shayne Georgia Swarm ShayneJackson32 @shaynejackson32
OConnor, Ethan Georgia Swarm E21OC
Tutton, Chad Georgia Swarm ChadTutton12 @chadtuts12
Noble, Jason Georgia Swarm jasonnoble45 @jasonnoble45
Matisz, Kiel Georgia Swarm kiel_matisz46 @kiel_matisz46
White, Joel Georgia Swarm jwhite_11 @jwhite_11
Cole, Bryan Georgia Swarm @bryancole55
Staats, Randy Georgia Swarm Staats83 @staats83
Belisle, Mitch Georgia Swarm MBelisle85 @mitchbelisle85
Powless, Johnny Georgia Swarm JPowless93
Shute, Adam Georgia Swarm ShuteAdam @shute25
Hotaling, Ryan New England Black Wolves HotalingRyan @ryan.hotaling
Suddons, Derek New England Black Wolves suddsy7
O’Connor, Reilly New England Black Wolves ReillyOConnor9 @reillyoconnor9
Oakes, Seth New England Black Wolves s0akes66 @s0akes
Manney, Brett New England Black Wolves BManney13 @bmanney
Veltman, Daryl New England Black Wolves
Evans, Shawn New England Black Wolves shawnevans1588 @evy1588
Reid, Zac New England Black Wolves zacreid19 @zacreid17
Searle, Derek New England Black Wolves @dsearle4
Culp, Chad New England Black Wolves
Crowley, Kevin New England Black Wolves KevinCrowley21 @kevincrowley21
Bucktooth, Brett New England Black Wolves boiii26 @brettskiboi26
Buchanan, Kevin New England Black Wolves @kevinbuchanan27
Jamieson, Doug New England Black Wolves DouglasJamieson @douglasjamieson
Kirk, Evan New England Black Wolves EvanKirk35 @evankirk22
Coyle, Joel New England Black Wolves jcoyle9 @coylejoel 
Burns, Sheldon New England Black Wolves seasheld @sheldonburns71
Thorimbert, Jay New England Black Wolves Jthorimb75 @jthorimb75
Buchanan, Kyle New England Black Wolves KyleBuchanan9 @kylebuchanan9
O’Brien, Bill New England Black Wolves Bill_OBrien96 @thrilla96
Spanger, Matt New England Black Wolves @mspangs45
Dawson, Paul Rochester Knighthawks bigdaws02 @bigdaws02
Hossack, Graeme Rochester Knighthawks
Dawson, Dan Rochester Knighthawks DanDawson6 @dansawson6
Gillies, Brad Rochester Knighthawks bradgillies6 @bgilles6
Resetarits, Joe Rochester Knighthawks JoeResetarits @joeresetarits
Evans, Dylan Rochester Knighthawks MrDylanEvans @evansdyl
Suitor, Andrew Rochester Knighthawks Suits20 @suits20
Vitarelli, Cory Rochester Knighthawks vit_dog
Currier, Josh Rochester Knighthawks JoshCurrier27 @joshcurrier27
Llord, Ian Rochester Knighthawks @ianllord
Campbell, Scott Rochester Knighthawks soupylax37 @soupy30
Davis, Jarrett Rochester Knighthawks Jarrycurl @jarrettd42
Jackson, Kyle Rochester Knighthawks @kjchoi47
Vinc, Matt Rochester Knighthawks Vno48 @vno48
Bomberry, Adam Rochester Knighthawks Bomberry51 @bomberry51
Goodleaf, Angus Rochester Knighthawks AngBang55
Lomas, Dan Rochester Knighthawks dlomas15 @danlomas
Smith, Sid Rochester Knighthawks
Van Every, Wayne Rochester Knighthawks wizziebear @wizzybear
Jamieson, Cody Rochester Knighthawks Cjamieson88 @cjamieson88
Magnan, Luc Rochester Knighthawks 45magnan @luc.magnan
Young, Sean Rochester Knighthawks
McGrotty, Matt Saskatchewan Rush mmacgrotty
Mydske, Brett Saskatchewan Rush BMydske02
Rubisch, Kyle Saskatchewan Rush kylerubes @kylerubes
Messenger, Mike Saskatchewan Rush messengerlax @mike_mess_94
Knight, Curtis Saskatchewan Rush 09CKnight @curtisknight9
Cornwall, Jeff Saskatchewan Rush JeffCornwall @corndawg13
Corbeil, Chris Saskatchewan Rush iLoveLOOSIES
Church, Robert Saskatchewan Rush robert_church @robertchurch23
Jones, Adam Saskatchewan Rush thejonesy16 @jonesy1623
Dilks, Ryan Saskatchewan Rush RDilks24 @rdilks24
Keenan, Ryan Saskatchewan Rush RyanKeenan15 @rkeenan15
Carlson, Tyler Saskatchewan Rush TCarlson30
Dinsdale, Matthew Saskatchewan Rush dinsdale16 @martyprty
Taylor, Dan Saskatchewan Rush DanTaylor30 @dantaylor41
Matthews, Mark Saskatchewan Rush markmatthews222 @markmatthews42
Sorichetti, Adrian Saskatchewan Rush Soriche77i @soriche77i
Thompson, Jeremy Saskatchewan Rush j_thompson74 @jeremy74thompson
Bold, Aaron Saskatchewan Rush Boldy77 @boldy77
Bilic, Nik Saskatchewan Rush NikBilic_79 @bilic_79
McIntosh, Ben Saskatchewan Rush Benmc91 @benmc10
Reinholdt, Tor Saskatchewan Rush Torper7 @torper7
LaFontaine, John Saskatchewan Rush JLaFontaine33
Gamble, Jesse Toronto Rock jgamble9 @jgamble9
Chapman, Sandy Toronto Rock
McArdle, Kieran Toronto Rock kieranmcardle6 @kieranmcardle6
MacDonald, Mike Toronto Rock
Hickey, Brett Toronto Rock hix1122 @hix1122
Evans, Turner Toronto Rock turnerevans5 @turnerevans5
Leblanc, Stephan Toronto Rock stephanleblanc
Kri, Bradley Toronto Rock
Rogers, Challen Toronto Rock ChallenRogers @challenrogers23
Schreiber, Tom Toronto Rock TomSchreiber26 @tom_schreiber26
Beirnes, Kasey Toronto Rock beirnes33
Merrill, Brodie Toronto Rock brodiemerrill_ @BrodieMerrill_
Fryer, Steve Toronto Rock stevefryer39 @fryer39
Lintner, Dan Toronto Rock DLintner14 @dlintner14
Gilbert, Jeff Toronto Rock jgilbert_4 @jeffgilbert4
Edwards, Damon Toronto Rock DEdwards88 @dayedwards45
Rose, Nick Toronto Rock NickRose66 @nickrose66
Magnuson, Jordan Toronto Rock JordanMags82 @jordanmag82
Hostrawser, Billy Toronto Rock BillTrain28
Harris, Latrell Toronto Rock @trellyharris
Marshall, Rob Toronto Rock MARSH_14 @rmarshall14
Buczek, Connor Toronto Rock cbucz33 @cbuczek33
Caputo, Phil Toronto Rock KidCapz @kidcapz
Reinholdt, Reid Toronto Rock ReidReinholdt @reidreinholdt
Richards, Tyler Vacnouver Stealth
Beers, Matt Vacnouver Stealth mattbeers2 @mattbeers2
Toll, Jarrett Vacnouver Stealth Jtoll3 @jarretttoll
O’Dougherty, Chris Vacnouver Stealth @chris_odougherty4
Smith, Cliff Vacnouver Stealth
Duch, Rhys Vacnouver Stealth Duchee10 @duchee10
Billings, Garrett Vacnouver Stealth gbillings13 @gbillings13
Goodwin, Justin Vacnouver Stealth Jgoodz14 @justingoodwin14
Small, Corey Vacnouver Stealth CSmall15 @csmall15
Wagner, Ryan Vacnouver Stealth @rwags14
Schuss, Logan Vacnouver Stealth L_Schuss18 @loganschuss18
Salt, Justin Vacnouver Stealth JustinSalt91 @jsalt19
Belanger, Tye Vacnouver Stealth BeLanger31
Rahe, James Vacnouver Stealth jimrahey @jimrahey
Clelland, Brandon Vacnouver Stealth brandonclelland @brandonclelland
McCready, Joel Vacnouver Stealth creads10 @joelmccready
Durston, Jordan Vacnouver Stealth jordandurston8 @jdurston78
McFetridge, Peter Vacnouver Stealth petemcfetridge
Lintz, John Vacnouver Stealth jbml06
Hawksbee, Ian Vacnouver Stealth
Conway, Cory Vacnouver Stealth @coryconway91
Cornwall, Travis Vacnouver Stealth MTCornwall20 @mtcornwall20
Hodgson, Curtis Vacnouver Stealth
Hoggarth, Thomas Vacnouver Stealth thomas_hoggarth @thomashoggarth