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That Old Lacrosse Head: Traditional STX Excalibur

That Old Lacrosse Head is back for another Friday showing and this time I’m fixing up a traditional STX Excalibur for CityLax! This stick is something special for a couple of reasons:

1) This is the first traditional head on That Old Lacrosse Head.
2) This is the first NON-offset head we’ve fixed up.
3) This Excalibur has its original shaft intact!
4) The shaft has CityLax colors: blue and orange
5) It’s an EXCALIBUR! This was the stick of choice before the Brine Edge. Marvel in its glory!

Traditional STX Excalibur

Exciting times here on That Old Lacrosse Head!

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And make sure you Subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel for a lot more great lacrosse video!

Make sure you check out our stringing archives all kinds of tricks and tips on how to dice up a head on your own. It’s filled with good info and fun stuff, so enjoy!

Next week we have a little double trouble brewing as I’ll be stringing up TWO of the same old head. I give both of these heads a very special and old school top string, so you’ll definitely want to check that out. It’s going to be superb!

If you want to learn how to string traditional pockets for yourself, we have a number of tutorial worth checking out. From a classic single string pocket to the Shook Shakedown to a jazzed up Six Shooter, we’ve got you covered. Leather and crosslace. It’s a beautiful thing to behold when done right.

Thanks to CityLax for allowing me to showcase their funky old heads and give these bad boys a makeover. Anything to get lacrosse sticks into the hands of more and more kids, right? Grow The Game, and #Stringitforward.