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Open Goaaal Solves Biggest Problem With Practicing Lacrosase At Home
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Open Goaaal Solves Biggest Problem With Practicing At Home

Let’s get right to talking about a game-changer, because the latest lax-based Kickstarter has massive potential. Open Goaaal took the next step from their success with a soccer project and designed the ultimate backyard lacrosse goal setup. A one-part system, the Open Goaaal is a lacrosse goal with a built-in backstop. Or is it a backstop with a built-in goal? Either way, it looks pretty awesome.

The founders of the project aimed for a modest $5,000 goal and blew it out of the water with $22,626 from 87 backers and climbing. With 20 days left to go and over 450% of the goal, the project is sure to hit backyards and local parks across the world soon enough. With MSRP set at $399, early adopters can still get one for 35% off at $259 if they support now. Product is expected to ship in December for early adopters.

We don’t know the folks at Open Goaaal and we haven’t ripped on one yet, but from their Kickstarter video the product looks like a true elevation from the market. The athletes in the video aren’t ripping Sergio Perkovic rockets, but they are giving the Open Goaaal a workout and it looks like there’s enough give with every impact that the product can absorb hard shots without turning to Swiss cheese.

The lifting and sliding features seem well thought out. Not only does this help with mowing or getting it out of the way for more yard space, one side can be pulled in while the goal remains intact, allowing for closer dodges from X.

Open Goaaal Solves Biggest Problem With Practicing Lacrosase At Home

At 19’x10′, if you’re missing any wider we suggest slowing it down a notch and focusing on the fundamentals. The bungees from goal corner to net corner look the maintain the square face shape of the goal without slouch in the crossbar.

If the portability and storage are as easy as we’re led to believe, the Open Goaaal may have released the game growing product of the year. For kids without access to a yard or green space of their own, there’s still the ability to take an Open Goaaal to any field, parking lot, or turf they can find and have a full shooting practice session without the fear of damaging property. For people in cities that have to share parks and public areas with a crowd, now lacrosse can be practiced with peace of mind!