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PLL All Star Rosters chosen by Captains Grant Ament, Blaze Riorden
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PLL All Star Team Roster Determined Through Captains Draft

The roster for the Adversaries and Defenders, the two teams that will compete in the 2021 PLL All Star Game set for July 18, have been chosen through a captains draft.

The players available for the game were already chosen, with the starters selected by fan vote and the reserves picked by the league’s players. But was it was up to Grant Ament of the Adversaries and Blaze Riorden of the Defenders to decide what the team rosters for the 2021 PLL All Star Game would look like.

After a one-round bout of rock, paper, scissors to determine who would get the first pick, Ament made the opening selection official, bringing his Archers teammate Tom Schreiber over to the Adversaries.

Here is how the roster for each team in this year’s PLL All Star Game turned out:

2021 PLL All Star Game Team Roster



A Grant Ament (Archers) – Captain

A Marcus Holman (Archers)

A Will Manny (Archers)

M Bryan Costabile (Atlas)

M Paul Rabil (Cannons)

M Tom Schreiber (Archers)

D Tyler Durkin (Atlas)

D Garrett Epple (Redwoods)

D Eddy Glazener (Redwoods)

G Tim Troutner (Redwoods)

FOS Trevor Baptiste (Atlas)


A Jeff Teat (Atlas)

M Zach Currier (Waterdogs)

M Mikie Schlosser (Waterdogs)

LSM Scott Ratliff (Archers)

SSDM Dominique Alexander (Archers)

SSDM Zach Goodrich (Cannons)

D Graeme Hossack (Archers)

G Adam Ghitelman (Archers)

FOS Stephen Kelly (Archers)



A Rob Pannell (Redwoods)

A Lyle Thompson (Cannons)

A Zed Williams (Whipsnakes)

M Kyle Harrison (Redwoods)

M Myles Jones (Redwoods)

M Sergio Perkovic (Redwoods)

D Matt Dunn (Whipsnakes)

D Brodie Merrill (Cannons)

D Jared Neumann (Chaos)

G Blaze Riorden (Chaos) – Captain

FOS TD Ierlan (Redwoods)


A Josh Byrne (Chaos)

M Jared Bernhardt (Whipsnakes)

M Jake Froccaro (Chaos)

M Dhane Smith (Chaos)

LSM Michael Ehrhardt (Whipsnakes)

SSDM Danny Logan (Atlas)

D Jack Rowlett (Chaos)

G Kyle Bernlohr (Whipsnakes)

FOS Joe Nardella (Whipsnakes)