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2021 PLL Championship photo
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PLL Championship Photo Galleries

We had our photographer, Rob Berkenblit, on hand at the 2021 PLL Championship Game between Chaos and Whipsnakes to capture via photo how it all went down.

If you weren’t there in person, here are a few photos for you to see what you missed, and if you were there, this may be a chance for you to relive that great day of lacrosse! Here are some of the shots he took leading up to the game, during play for some key moments, and of course the epic Chaos championship celebration.

PLL Championship Photo Galleries


The calm before the storm, or the not-so-calm before the storm because of the excitement surrounding a huge game.

PLL Championship Gameplay

There are some serious high-level lacrosse on the day. These are just a handful of the moments that helped define the eventual winner of the 2021 PLL Championship.

Post-Game Celebration

After it was all said and done, Chaos LC stood alone atop the league. It also engaged in an absolutely unforgettable celebration. Some of the best moments from the post-game party on the field, from the relief of getting it done to the pure joy of the victors and more, are captured here.

It was an emotional moment, to put it mildly.

The PLL championship officially concluded what has been a roller coaster of a 2021 campaign. There’s a new champ in town, and for the first time, more than one club in the PLL can say they’ve been to the mountaintop.

The 2022 season figures to be another exciting one for this young league. Can Chaos do what Whipsnakes did and repeat? Will Whipsnakes be back with a vengeance? Will someone else break the barrier and party of the podium in the late stages of next summer?

There’s only one way to find out!