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pll championship highlights
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PLL Championship: Redwoods v. Whipsnakes Highlights

Talk about a way to finish off the Premier Lacrosse League‘s first season. Whipsnakes LC downed Redwoods in the PLL championship in overtime, thanks to Matt Rambo’s heroics.

PLL Championship Highlights


Matt Rambo — the 2019 PLL regular season MVP — scored the game-winner in overtime for Whipsnakes LC, taking home the championship game MVP honors.

Here’s what Nelson Rice had to say about the PLL championship game:

Rambo’s individual effort was the start of a 5-0 run for the Whipsnakes. They dominated possession in the first half thanks to Joe Nardella winning 6 of 8 faceoffs and a 14-10 advantage on ground balls.

The Whips D consistently suffocated the Redwoods’ league leading attack with perfectly timed slides and physical play. On the offensive end, Rambo (3,3) was integral as a feeder. He dished two assists to John Haus and Joe LoCasio.

The Whipsnakes had the Redwoods right where they wanted them.

While Redwoods would make a major second-half comeback and eventually even secure a one-goal lead with just over a minute remaining, Matt Rambo would tie the game for Whipsnakes with seconds remaining in the game. Then, Rambo would eventually score the game winner in overtime.

Matt Rambo told US Lacrosse Magazine:

“I’m just so happy,” Rambo said on NBC. “This team worked hard all year up and down. We might not have the best individuals, but we have the best team.”

Congratulations to Rambo and Whipsnakes LC for the first-ever championship in Premier Lacrosse League history.