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Who's the most likely PLL first round upset candidate? going offsides

What’s the Most Likely PLL First Round Upset?

To kick off the weekend, we took a look at some monumental things happening in the world of lacrosse, from Denison lacrosse’s historic hire, Jack Kaley, the most likely PLL first round upset, and more.

Denison Lacrosse Makes Historic Hire

The Denison lacrosse made a splash with their hiring of Maiah Bartlett as one of two new full-time assistants.

This is big news, because Bartlett is believed to hold the highest profile coaching position of any female in the men’s college game. We discuss the impact of this on the future of female coaches in the men’s game and what the potential next steps are to keep things progressing.

For the full press release about the hire, click here.

Jack Kaley the Legend

If you know anything about lacrosse, you know who Coach Kaley was and the tremendous impact he had on the game. We were shocked yesterday to hear of his passing, and the lacrosse world was quick to memorialize him with stories and discussions of his impact.


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A pioneer in the game he will forever be known for his backer zone, swarm ground balls, physically fit players, and the 10-man ride.

Field of Dreams Game

Tucker La Belle, who is both a college lacrosse player and LAS contributor, came on the pod this week to discuss the Field of Dreams game. Why, you might ask? Well, Tucker’s day job when not in class at Clarke is as the social media coordinator for the Field of Dreams movie site.

We also talked with Tucker about how the heck anyone ends up playing lacrosse in Iowa, and I learn what a Dogfish is.

Who’s the Most Likely PLL First Round Upset Candidate?

The playoffs kick off tonight, and the PLL games will be all over NBC’s major networks. Tonight’s game between the Archers and Chaos will be on NBCSN at 8:30 p.m. EST. Check out our preview of the quarterfinals matchups, courtesy of Ryan.

pll first round upset
Courtesy of PLL

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