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PLL Partners with Utz Quality Foods
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PLL Partners with Utz Quality Foods

LOS ANGELES, CA. (April 17, 2020) – The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) has announced today the launch of their Instagram Live video contest, Cheeseball Toss, in partnership with Utz Quality Foods. The campaign will launch on PLL’s Instagram today (4/17) at 6PM ET.

To promote National Cheeseball Day, the PLL has selected eight of its players to participate in an Instagram Live Cheeseball Toss. As part of the contest, each player will throw an Utz Cheese Ball above their head and eat as many as possible within a fifty-two second period – the same official shot clock time of a PLL in-game possession. The PLL participants will be: Trevor Baptiste (Atlas LC), Adam Ghitelman (Archers LC), Will Manny (Archers LC), Joe Walters (Redwoods LC), Kyle Hartzell (Atlas LC), Matt Rambo (Whipsnakes LC), Dhane Smith (Chaos LC), and Josh Byrne (Chaos LC).

“We were excited to partner with Utz on National Cheeseball Day to share in a fun, engaging, and competitive campaign to both of our audiences,” says PLL Co-Founder and CMO Paul Rabil. “The past four weeks have been challenging for everyone, and we think it’s especially impactful to create at-home competitions with a like-minded brand such as Utz to ultimately reach a highly engaged audience. My instinct is that the competition will be worth tuning into Instagram Live for.”

“Our fans are extremely passionate about Utz Cheese Balls,” says Sean Adams, VP, Digital Marketing and eCommerce at Utz. “From enjoying directly out of the barrel as a snack to tossing in the air to see how many you can catch to filling their bathtubs and everything in between, our fans love to enjoy Utz Cheese Balls in their own way. As the reigning king of “cheese balls,” National Cheeseball Day is a day we love to raise our flag and thank our fans. We saw the PLL as an excellent partner for Cheeseball Day because of the league and player’s ability to connect and engage with fans in an organic and fun way.”