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PLL Player Royale: Week 2 Picks

We saw phenomenal play from the Atlas’ family style offense in Week 1, netting both Jeff Teat and Eric Law 31 and 29 fantasy points in the PLL Player Royale respectively. At the faceoff X, Trevor Baptiste went off as well with 26.6 points, which included a 2-pointer (10 points). Lyle Thompson and Nick Morocco scored big for the Cannons as well in a big win over the Waterdogs. 

If there’s one thing to takeaway from Week 1 on how to set up your lineup if you want an explosive point total, it would be that every position besides attack and goalie needs to be a 2 point threat. Obviously attackmen will rack up total points with assists, but out of the midfield and defense, it’s good to have the potential for one play to count for 2.  The perfect example is Eli Salama of Chrome, who had a solid defensive game which only knotted him 6 points, but an assist and a 2-pointer made him the highest scoring defensive player in the league last week.

Week 2 Locks

  • Jeff Teat: I expect this guy to be a regular on this list. As the Rookie of the Year last year averaging 4.6 PPG in the regular season, he doesn’t seem to plan on stopping this year. With the stacked offense surrounding him, I don’t think there’s anything stopping him from averaging 5 a game this year. 
  • Lyle Thompson: With the retirement of Rabil, Lyle is becoming the new face of the sport, and the limelight doesn’t seem to stop him. He averaged 3.5 PPG last year with an injured groin, it’s hard to say those numbers will go down now that he is healthy.
  • Zach Currier: He is still a human vacuum cleaner on GBs. With the Waterdogs offense struggling to find its groove early I see Currier continuing to be a lock on the midfield with his two-way capabilities and offensive production.
  • Danny Logan: Picking up this kid in the defensive end is like picking up an extra midfielder. Logan is a transition threat and he proved last season he’s not afraid to sling it from 2. The kid is good for at least a CT per game and is a beast on groundballs, an all around work horse.
  • Trevor Baptiste: Once again Trevor is sitting atop the faceoff world. Combined with his transition and 2-point capabilities I don’t see why you wouldn’t start him in your PLL Player Royale lineup every week.
  • Blaze Riorden: With the Archers offense still without Grant Ament and struggling against the Chrome, I think Blaze has a big day and keeps the Archers under 8. With Chaos’ run and gun style, he’s bound to see a plethora of shots and I think he’ll save over 65%.
Week 2 Busts

  • Marcus Holman: With the absence of Grant Ament, Holman has been forced to dodge more and be less of a spot up shooter. This combined with outside of their midnight madness game last year, Holman put up a combined 3 points in their other 2 meetings. And for these reasons I don’t believe he’ll live up to the tier 1 status this week.
  • Nakeie Montgomery: As much as it pains me to put a Woods player on this list, without his 2-pointer he would have been irrelevant. While I think he has a lot of star power potential not only as a scorer but also a feeder, I don’t think he is at the tier 1 midfielder level yet.
  • Scott Hooper: While two caused-turnovers and one ground ball as a solid defensive stat line, Hooper isn’t the transition threat that Pulver is, and for that reason I wouldn’t use a tier 1 spot on him.
  • Stephen Kelly: While he had a great day at the stripe last week against Jake Withers, much like his teammates this week however, I think he is outmatched by Trevor Baptiste. I see Kelly possibly even dipping below 40% Saturday.
  • Nick Marrocco: While he was a brick wall against the Waterdogs, the young pup shooters are still finding their stride. When it comes to Atlas however, they look like they are in midseason form. I expect the Bulls to absolutely shell Morocco and I don’t think he’ll be able to hold his ground.
Tier 3 Sleepers

  • Matt Rambo: After a slow Week 1 the 2019 PLL MVP has fallen to tier 3 in the Player Royale, seems like an easy pickup if you plan to use your other tier 1 spots on other positions
  • Tom Schreiber: The Archers struggled to find their groove Week 1 and Schreiber didn’t exactly put up the numbers we expected from him. With the absence of Ament it’s logical to see Schreiber claim his spot as quarterback for the time being.
  • Ryland Rees: As I’ve said before, outside of attack, the name of the game is 2-point threats. And Rees is the embodiment of that, pick him up as a tier 3 player and cheer on the Waterdogs transition.
  • TD Ierlan: A tough battle with reigning faceoff man of the year has set the sophomore back a bit. But as he has tearily beaten Farrell last year, I expect him to have a bit of a bounceback game against the Chrome.
  • Tim Troutner: The Woods got shelled Week 1 by Atlas and Guppy and Kelly didn’t exactly stand much of a chance on half the shots. Much like Ierlan, if Guppy gets the start, expect him to have a bit of a bounce back game.