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PLL Week 4
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It’s Anyone’s League After Week 4 in the PLL

If you missed the action from Week 3, get caught up here before reading further about PLL Week 4.

Parity Reigns in PLL Week 4

Game Recaps

Archers (7) vs Chrome (8)

The Chrome have been tinkering with their offensive lineup due to injuries, suspensions, etc., and it appears they’ve found a winning formula. Chrome looked fast and with a unique style of play that you expect when watching a Soudan-coached team. The Archers attack just didn’t look comfortable, and John Galloway made sure the shots they did get didn’t fall (68%).

The Chrome are a prime example of the parity the PLL provides.

Redwoods (19) vs Waterdogs (16)

Both goalies were pulled, which tells you what kind of game we had Saturday. All four goalies struggled, but the Redwoods goalies totaled 46% compared to the 35% of the Waterdogs goaltenders. Add the save percentage disparity to the faceoff stats (Redwoods 71% to Waterdogs 29%), and you can see why the Redwoods were able to outscore the ‘Dogs.

Cannons (10) vs Chaos (14)

Cannons continued to prove its a competitive team but also one that can’t seem to finish. With the loss, it moves into last place with a goal differential of -1, which is insane.

Meanwhile, the Chaos defense provided a much-needed boost, forcing the Cannons midfield to carry the offensive load. Max Adler, who has struggled against top PLL talent so far this year, managed to dominate to the tune of 67%, ultimately contributing to the Cannons’ trade today to acquire another faceoff specialist.

Whipsnakes (15) vs Archers (14)

No Rambo, no problem. While life is certainly easier with Rambo in the lineup, Zedd Williams and Brad Smith were able to step up and create offense in his absence. The match up of what most fans perceive to be the top-two teams of the league didn’t disappoint. Despite shooting only 26%, the faceoff advantage Joe Nardella provided (72%) was enough to give the Whipsnakes the extra possessions they needed to ultimately seal the deal.

Chrome (10) vs Atlas (16)

As good as the Chrome looked Friday night, the Atlas are just to hot right now. The Atlas offense had seven different goal scorers, including a breakout performance by reserve player Romar Dennis. Dennis added a new element to the midfield that created a two-headed monster of downhill dodgers with him and Bryan Costabile. Few people can shoot on the run from such obscure angles and with as much accuracy as Dennis. The Atlas team may be the most well rounded in the league and is so young that they could be a force for years to come.

5 Best Performances of PLL Week 4

Colin Heacock, Chrome attack: four goals on seven shots, no turnovers

Sergio Perkovic, Redwoods midfield: eight points with two goals and two two-bombs.

Max Adler, Chaos faceoff: 17-of-26 (65%) with nine ground balls.

Matt Abbott, Whipsnakes midfield: one goal, one assist, one shot, three CTs, and six ground balls.

Bryan Costabile, Atlas midfield: six points, two CTs, and two ground balls.

Updated Standings