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It's only a matter of time before the PLL expands further. These are some of the possible coaches who would fit into the PLL.
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Possible PLL Coaches – Former MLL Bosses

As the PLL grows, so too does the need for more teams and coaches. Please understand that adding more teams isn’t about the number of talented players available – it’s about money. More teams will happen in time, and these are some of the possible coaches for those future PLL squads.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the coaches who could make great additions to the PLL when the league decides to expand, starting first with former MLL coaches.

Possible PLL Coaches – Part 1: Former MLL Bosses

B.J. O’Hara was the head coach of the New York Lizards from 2018-2020 and had multiple stops in the MLL ranks before that. In short, he knows his stuff, and he’s very familiar with the current player pool. It remains to be seen if he would have interest in a PLL position, but it makes sense.

Possible PLL coaches

Spencer Ford an 18-year veteran of the MLL, recently served as the head coach of the Philadelphia Barrage, and post-MLL he’s keeping busy with his work at Legendary Sports Group, where he works closely with Dave Cottle and Dave Pietramala. Could you imagine if the three of them teamed up to run a PLL team?

Joe Spallina is the current women’s head coach at Stony Brook. I could write a literal dissertation about all of the ways this guy is involved in lacrosse, but I’ll let you read the official SBU one instead. Now, I would understand if he isn’t interested; he has a large lacrosse family, and no one would blame him for spending his summers recruiting/watching his kids play. But this guy just flat out wins, he has the personality the PLL thrives on, and it would make for great lacrosse/TV.

Matt Bocklet as head coach with Ken Clausen running the defense? Jon Grant Jr. running the offense? Assuming Tony Seaman isn’t interested in coaching, we could have an epic staff of former Outlaws that would rival the best staffs currently in the PLL. Bocklet is currently coaching one of Colorado’s premier high school teams in addition to being the owner of X10 Lacrosse and serving as the Director of Team 91 Colorado.

Thomas Mariano is perhaps the most vocal and passionate person on this list about coaching professional lacrosse again. Currently the head coach and assistant AD at Pace, he clearly understands the game at a level of detail I never will. Can almost guarantee his staff would be full of former MLL guys, and I’m all for it.

Part 2: Outside MLL

Check out the second part of this series where we looked outside of the former MLL ranks and into other areas of the game.