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President’s Cup 2018: A Look Back At Greatness

What a Wednesday it is. The President’s Cup is heating up! It is only fitting to take a look back to the 2018 gold medal match between the host Nanaimo Timbermen and the two-time defending champion St. Albert Miners. This game came down to the wire as the Miners ended up on top 10-8, winning their third-straight title for the Senior B championship.

2018 President’s Cup

Gold Medal Broadcast: Nanaimo Timbermen v. St. Albert Miners

Recapping The Tournament

What a tournament it was. The atmosphere at the tournament was incredible, particularly when the hosting Nanaimo Timbermen were putting it all out there on the floor during the semifinal and final games. Listed below is the LAS All-Tournament team from last year:

Presidents Cup LAS All-Tournament Team:

Goalie – Brandon Miller (Caughnawaga)

Defense – Brad Mazzocato (Nanaimo)

Offense – Keegan Bal (St. Albert)

Offense – Cree Blakely (Oakville)

Transition – Mike Triolo (St. Albert)

Other MVPs:

presidents cup

Officiating – John Szabo (FNLA)

Tournament Staff – Darlene Brebber (Thanks for carting us all over Nanaimo!)

presidents cup

A special note of appreciation goes out to Shawn Swanson, who took on the brunt of the work of this tournament singlehandedly. Nobody ever goes it alone, and there are a dozen others to thank, but Shawn was unequivocally the driving force behind this event. His dedication to detail made a good event into a brilliant one and made it a memorable Presidents Cup for all in attendance.

You’re Talking About Playoffs?!

It was a crazy playoff scenario that came down to the wire for teams to make it to the semifinals. While the heavy-favorite St. Albert Miners locked-up the No. 1 seed, the Miners’ final game against the Ladner Pioneers forced a three-way tie for the final three spots of the medal bracket between the Oakville Titans, Nanaimo Timbermen, and the Caughnawaga Indians.  Based on a number of different factors, the seeding for the tournament ended up pitting Oakville against the Timbermen and St. Albert against Caughnawaga.

Talk about intrigue.

Both Nanaimo and St. Albert would advance from the semifinals to the championship game.

And it did not disappoint.

St. Albert would capture their third-straight President’s Cup title, but would need overtime to do it. The host Timbermen fought valiantly, just barely missing out on a title for the home fans.

The whole tournament was a great success. We hope to attend another President’s Cup in the future!