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2018 Presidents Cup – Championships Recap

The Presidents Cup tournament is Canada’s national championship for Senior ‘B’ box lacrosse. The national summer sport of Canada has been full-throttle since August 26 and continues to September 2 when a national champion will hoist the Presidents Cup. Follow along as we bring the games to you LIVE and FREE, as well as photos, videos and all the fun that surrounds this outstanding tradition.

Gold Medal Game:

St. Albert Miners – 10 (OT)

Nanaimo Timbermen – 8

I’ve worked some amazing events this year and in years past. This game, this place, with all of these amazing people – this was something special in the city of Nanaimo. It took every minute, every second and then bonus time to decide a winner. Truly and honestly, this game was a gift to the three thousand in attendance who literally sold out an old hockey barn. This game was a gift to a city rich with lacrosse history and tradition. This game was a gift to the lacrosse community and the spirit of the game that exists in all of us.

Mike Triolo ended up burying the game-winning goal in overtime for St. Albert’s completing the three-peat. Nanaimo battled valiantly from every position on the floor, from the forwards to the change box to the outstanding performance in goal by Nick Patterson. That effort could not produce a goal in the extra ten minutes however. St. Albert was able to convert two in extra time, with that second goal taking the hope that Nanaimo might reply a far cry.

I’ve watch a lot of lacrosse games. I’ve watched so many lacrosse games that lacrosse people tell me to get a hobby. This game was special. From the crowd to the action on the floor, this game will leave neither head nor heart for a very long time. Well played, gentlemen.

Bronze Medal Game:

Caughnawaga Indians – 15

Oakville Titans – 6

This was the Caughnawaga team we wanted to see yesterday. Quite honestly, had we seen Sunday’s performance on Saturday, the Indians might have been playing for gold instead of for bronze. On the flip side, Oakville running out of gas against Nanaimo in the semis on Saturday seemed like a problem that was not rectified for Sunday. Granted there’s only so much that can really be done in 24 hours to bring exhausted legs to life. Without the ability to run over the top and push in transition the way the Titans wanted to, Oakville suffered.

60 shots on goal were registered for the Titans, 54 of which were turned aside by game MVP Trey Adams. That’s the only stat necessary for this game.

Other Scores:

5th-Place Game

Saskatoon Brewers – 9

Onondaga Redhawks – 8


7th-Place Game

Ladner Pioneers – 10

Capital Region Axemen – 7